deadly weapons

Lethal But Legal Weapons

If you are too young to have a gun, we have a solution for this problem of yours. Below you would find some deadly yet mostly legal weapons. The best part about these weapons is that you could easily carry them along to anywhere you go generally because of their small sizes and disguised look.

Top 10 Nuclear Bombs

The following rating of nuclear weapons is done on the basis of total and active warheads, the amount of destruction caused by them, on the basis of fallout and the umbrella formed during explosion. Nuclear weapons are the most deadly weapons ever built the history began in around the mid of the year 1939 when,

7 Weird Weapons Of World War II

Between 1939 and 1945, one of the worst wars in history was fought out between two opposing forces that were so large and wide-spread, it became known as the Second World War. In a bid to stop Adolf Hitler and his allies, who were known as the ‘Axis’ powers, the ‘Allies’ worked on many weapons