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Da Vinci’s Sketch Gives Birth to Smallest One-Man Helicopter

The world’s smallest one-man helicopter – GEN H-4($58,250). It is only 75-kilogram (165-pound). The GEN H-4 has a set of two rotors turning in opposite directions and can fly at a maximum speed of 50 kilometres (31 miles) per hour. According to the 75-year-old Yanagisawa, Since the concept of our helicopter came from Italy, I

Robotic Surgeons: Is it the End of Human Surgeons??!!??

Once considered oddities, multiarmed tools are becoming mainstays of hospital operating rooms. The industry trailblazer in the human–robot medical team is the da Vinci HD Surgical System, a multiarmed assistant that is directly controlled by a surgeon who sits at a nearby console. Hu, a surgeon at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, has removed