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Shell’s Concept Car Is Very Cute & Very Fuel Efficient

It has been established by the many concept cars being released by companies that the cars of the future will be self-driving and electric. This latest concept car that comes from Shell was designed by the very same man that designed the McLaren F1, Gordan Murray. Shell’s concept car is one that has successfully pulled

Lamborghini Diamante Concept

Whether it comes to real car or concept cars Lamborghini has always managed to keep expectations high – and deliver. This is another absolutely alluring concept — and they are calling it ‘Lamborghini Diamante’. This car shows a truly inspired diamond styled aggressive  sports car. But beyond looks, the big story here is the 4(!)

Acura NSX The Concept Car To Come

Acura NSX would be entering in the ring of concept cars soon. The beaut of the car lies in its slim sleek aerodynamic design. The word concept tells us that its still a dream not an existence but what we hear from the company is that by the end of 2015 this car will be launched

Concept Car That is Car, Helicopter and Boat

If someone asks what this vehicle should be called, it’s a sheer fun vehicle with go anywhere capacity. The brainchild of UK based concept designer, Philip Pauley, the Halo Intersceptor concept can morph into a jet, a helicopter, or a boat. All you need to do is slip on some extra parts and poof. The

BMW Solar Concept Car

It must be fun to be a car designer. It definitely seems that 24-year-old Pforzheim University graduate Anne Forschner had a good time coming up with her BMW Lovos concept, which can alternatively look either like a frightened porcupine or svelte salmon, depending on its needs at the time.

Fastest steam vehicle in the world

Just as the engine technology is improving day by day, some traditionalists are still dedicated to perfecting the technologies of the past.  A perfect example is the “Fastest Kettle” named car. A British-built steam supercar broke a 103-year-old world land speed record for steam-powered vehicles in the United States yesterday.The 25ft-long British Steam Car –