How Did This Massive Comet Appear in New York?! Lets Find Out!

Architect Jason Klimoski of StudioKCA and designers David Delgado and Dan Goods of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory are currently putting the finishing touches on a model of a comet called 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet (C-G comet). The model comet measuring 9-foot high and 12-foot long was built by hammering, piecing and moulding together steel and placing lights

Top 10 Hubble images

The starry sky has always fascinated man; from the pre-historic times man has always wondered  what is up there that shines, what is up there that moves and in his quest to uncover the mysteries of space has made ample discoveries to satisfy his appetite for knowledge and curiosity, if only temporarily. Named after Edwin