Coffee Facts for Coffee Lovers


Coffee – One of the most popular drinks in the world is what almost everyone needs to kick start a busy day.

For some reasons, coffee seems to fix almost everything – including a bad day.

That may explain why it’s so hard to get through the day without having a cup of it or even more.

Now, I know that there are a lot of you who consider yourself as coffee lovers, but how far do you really know your drink of choice?


Here are fun facts about coffee that every coffee lover needs to know.


Food not a Drink

How would you like a coffee energy bar? Sounds cool right? Well, that’s how East African Tribes consumed coffee years before it was consumed as a Drink.

Coffee berries were mixed with animal fat and Surprise!! They then have a pack of energy bar that could get them through the day.

Having it nowadays may not be a bad idea.


Source: ReGrained


There are four main types of Coffee Beans.

Although for some, they’re almost the same, coffee beans has four main types and are different from each other: Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa, and Liberica. So what’s the difference between these four types of beans? Let’s start with Arabica. Also known as Arabian Coffee or “Coffee Shrub of Arabia” Arabica is the world’s most consumed coffee – This is what most coffee shops would serve. Although Arabica beans make up to about 60% of the world’s coffee consumption, it’s more expensive than another type of seeds which is Robusta. Unlike Arabica, Robusta is more resistant to pests and diseases. That’s probably the reason why it’s 50% cheaper than Arabica – despite the higher caffeine content. A unique floral and fruity aroma – Liberica is also another type of beans that grows in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Some describe it as having a woody, smoky, nutty taste. Exelsa- recently reclassified as a type of Liberica represents 7% of the world’s coffee consumption. It grows mostly in Southeast Asia and has a dark, fruity and tart taste.









Source: Cafebarberashop


Decaf is not coffee free.

You read that right. Decaf is not coffee free. It’s called decaf because it has gone through the decaffeination or a process of caffeine removal from the coffee beans. However, not 100% of caffeine is removed – So technically, decaf is not 100% coffee free. Only about 97% of caffeine is removed, so you’re left with 3% on your cup. 


Source:  indianexpress


Brazil produces 40% of the World’s Coffee.

Say “thank you” to Brazil coffee lovers. Considered as the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazil, generated more than 2.5 metric tons of coffee beans in 2016. They have kept the record as the highest coffee bean producer for over 150 years.

Source: arcgis



Self Regulating Cup Gives Your Coffee The Perfect Temperature

We all have tried vacuum-insulated travel mugs, but most of us agree they don’t work well. Keeping the coffee at just the perfect temperature is somewhat exigent and if it’s not perfect, it leaves you vacant, the craving still exist.

Temperfect mug confronts this problem using science. Logan Maxwell at North Carolina State took the common vacuum flask design and rather than using a double wall insulated by a vacuum that can’t transfer heat, he added a third layer, filled with a proprietary substance that he calls “material x.” When you pour your hot brew into the mug, the heat is transferred through the inner wall where it heats up the material x and melts it into a liquid. By extracting the heat from the brew, it is cooled to the perfect drinking temperature, while the excess heat is stored in the liquefied material x. When gradually the coffee starts getting cooler than required the heat is again moved to the coffee.

This Coffee Machine Activates By Yawns

The coffeemaker doesn’t take payment in cash, but instead serves up coffee at the sight of yawns. The machine is outfitted with facial-recognition software, so when a weary traveler yawns, the machine recognizes the action and serves up a hot cup of coffee.
The Dutch company Douwe Egberts set up these coffee machines in airports, inclusive of facial recognition software. The software keeps an eye on people and observes their facial expressions, seeking the tired. When it finds someone yawning, the ‘wonder machine’ dispenses a hot cup of joe for that exhausted traveler. Now if it could only find our lost luggage for us…




Record Breaking Mosaic Built With 1 Million Coffee Beans

Believe it or not, the new record breaking Mosaic has been built with 1 million ‘coffee beans’. This new mosaic is built in Gorky Park, Moscow and is about 30 square meters big. The impressive art is created by a Russian artist Arkadi Kim. You can see in the pictures below that different tones of coffee beans have been used; Kim wisely spent around two weeks with his team and achieved the desired tones of coffee beans by roasting them. The impressive 180 kg mosaic is entitled “The Awakening”.

The theme of the mosaic is ‘inspiration’ from coffee, represented by the coffee smoke directed towards the nose of the lady. Unfortunately, this beautiful mosaic was displayed till 1st of July, after which the beans were sold to a processing plant. Here are some pictures of this outstanding art.

Futuristic Coffee Machine – Make Coffee Through iPhone

Scanomat TopBrewer is a next generation coffee maker. According to them “Less Is More”, following this theme, they built up a smart coffee machine which is as neat and decent as you would want it to be. Now if you are a coffee lover than i am sure this is a must have machine for you.


It has just one rounded stainless steel coffee tap that can be adjustable to different heights. The coffee tap has two nozzles inside it, off one, liquidized cappuccino comes out and from second the hot milk pours out. Besides this tap there is small decent mug which has all the coffee beans inside it and on requesting coffee, the machine takes it automatically. This all assembly is made more smarter by making it on a smart desk with all touch button features. You can select your desired coffee and than just wait and watch how this ultimate machine makes coffee for you. The smart and glossy designed coffee bar is compatible to work also with iPhone and iPad, so now even while watching your movies, you don’t need to get up and start making coffee, all you do is just give a command to your phone and there you go , your coffee maker starts making hot delicious coffee for you. Watch out the video to check it in action!

My Robot Made Me A Coffee!

How good it would be while you are in kitchen, And you little Robot makes a coffee for you! Sounds like fun! Isn’t it?

Well a Japanese Person nicknamed Clockwork is a intense fan of robotics and manga culture who is really inspired to work for the ease and effort for people by his keen interest to the robotic field. Its the time when Clockwork puts up a good effort in making a little Manga Robot. The little Robot could make a coffee for him! The intelligent Manga sense could tell her to look and follow the steps to make a coffee. Kondo KHR-2HV version is directed in the robot which uses 20 digital KRS-788HV servos with one GWS-PICO-STD servo motor which are controlled by PCB installed in the head.

Take a look at the video!


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