Bill Gates Funds Pee Powered Hearts

With the world’s depleting resources one must find ways to be ingenious with what we do have. Even if all we have is, well, human waste. So now some researchers working at the University of the West of England and the University of Bristol have invented a pee-powered robot “heart”.

The pee-powered heart is actually a microbial fuel cell, which utilizes urine to generate electricity. The waste doesn’t even have to be pee necessarily. Liquid waste from rotten fruits, dead flies or sewer sludge would do the job too. Microbes within the robot “heart” break down the waste and electrodes collect the energy generated. The pee-powered heart can even charge a cell phone. Considering that the human race isn’t about to run out of urine in near future, it is kind of a never ending resource, it’s not a bad idea to make use of it. This idea has already caught the eye of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. With a sponsor like that it won’t be difficult to change the idea into reality.