Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Got Married Yesterday

The CEO of Facebook and one of the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg got married yesterday quite secretly. It was quite shocking for all social media junkies to see Zuckerberg’s facebook profile relationship status changed to “Married” and all the marriage pictures posted by Zuckerberg himself. Previously, a lot of people knew that he was in a relationship with his

Mind Blowing One Line Art!

Chan Hwee Chong an unbelievable artist who stunned the world with his mind blowing art. Now this seemed totally impossible but he did that and made his name among the best artists of the world. Showing the talent of this young artist Faber Castell provided opportunity to make his art worth to show to the world as they figured a

Know Your Meme: Creepy Chan (Allison Harvard)

The Rocketboom Institute for Internet Studies considers the history of Allison Harvard (aka Creepy Chan) a contestant on America’s Next Top Model. Allison on Flickr Allison on DeviantArt Allison on MySpace The Creepiest People on MySpace Creepy Chan on America’s Next Top Model Allison Harvard – Cycle 12 Ep