Self Repairing Coating For Your Gadgets

Now what more worst could it be than that you buy an expensive phone with all the glamour it carries and go to market to cover it up with some protective coating. But after some time you realize that the coating itself got damaged and now your beloved gadget is prone to scratches now. But BEHOLD now

Shape-Shifting Battery Which Fits Every Size

Rechargeable batteries are a solution for keeping batteries out of the landfill, but you still have to have the right size for your device, which means buying more batteries. What if you could buy just a small handful of batteries that fit all of your devices? That’s the solution presented by The A to D

Third-person shooter improves science skills

Want an excuse to play a third-person shooter video game? Fear not, my intrepid adventurers–so long as you are willing to navigate the microscopic world of immune system proteins and cells to save a patient trying to fight off a raging bacterial infection.