10 Cats Whose Proudness For Being A Parent Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

At times, cats can seem to be cold and uncaring, but like the coldest person you know, cats too have a time when they are the total opposite of this. By no surprise, this time is when they give birth to adorable kittens. Yes, cats swell with pride and joy on becoming parents like humans.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Looking for a pet with a bit of an attitude? Meow- Yes, you heard that right, Get a cat. We all are fans of the cat woman-well, most guys are *wink*, but as pets these cats can be very friendly and can give you hell at the same time. Nevertheless, they make excellent pets and

Top 10 Weird iPhone Apps

After giving you a list of best engineering apps, best Cydia apps and list of best gaming apps or games, we’ve now compiled a list of the top 10 weird apps for the iPhone, I doubt if we should even call it the ‘top’ list! So, enjoy the following apps as some of them are