Bullets Cut To Half [Pictures]

Get ready for some fascinating pictures taken by Sabine Pearlman. Her amazing idea and art work is on different kinds of bullets. The images are amazingly beautiful and they give an intimate view of insides of these deadly warfare implements. An ordinary person may differentiate the different types of bullets by their shapes and sizes

Top 10 Armoured Cars

Tailored to withstand even a small nuclear explosion, armoured vehicles are safe havens for the top ranking personnels who are under constant life-threatening risks. Armoured cars are inconspicuous and are fortified by inches-thick armour plates that can survive a head-on mortar or rocket-grenade attack. Today, we take a look at the 10 best armoured cars

Laser Guided Bullets a Reality

US Army Special Forces soldiers will deploy with the XM-25 weapon this summer, so that they can shower enemies hidden inside buildings with lethal smart rounds. Veterans of the Afghanistan conflict who tried the weapon predicted it would be a “game changing” gun capable of taking out insurgents hidden behind cover, Military.com reports.The XM-25 resembles