See how this school bus was transformed into a luxury camper

This school bus was just an ordinary vehicle until it was redesigned by an architecture student Hank Butitta. Hank was tired of designing buildings for unreal clients during his academic time, so he started working on his own project; it gave him the opportunity of exploring details on a full scale. Hank bought a bus and

Skyscrapers Made Of Lego Blocks

It is always fun to build things around with Lego. You may have seen various Lego based items including toys, trucks, robots and even various building models. Recently, there is a growing trend of modeling real life buildings to scale using lego blocks. This technique is being used by architecture companies and builders to show

Top 10 Tallest Buildings

Tall buildings and skyscrapers are now becoming the identity of cities and even countries. The urge to build tall buildings have been there for quite some time but in the last century the sheer height of buildings have been taken to a new level. Here are the top 10 tallest buildings of our modern world