Breakfast Making Couldn’t Get Any More Manly

Let’s cook bacon with the help of an old about to be discarded 7.62 mm machinegun. All that is required is bacon, tinfoil, and some string. Here is how to do it: 1) Wrap the barrel in tin foil. After having done so wrap bacon around it, and then tie it up with some string.

Robotic Maid Makes Breakfast

Mahru-Z is the robotic maid that can make breakfast!. Given certain voice commands the robot can perform functions such as working a microwave, delivering toast, and other tasks such as washing clothes.

Robotic MasterChef: Have a Fresh Breakfast Cooked by a Robot Everyday!!!!!

Have you ever wished to have breakfast ready when  you wake up?? Your wish is fulfilled. Engineers have finally come up with masterchef robot called Okonomiyaki Robot. During the “Robot Food Park” demonstration, Okonomiyaki Robot, developed by Osaka-based Toyo Riki Co., boasted its prowess in cooking “okonomiyaki” — Osaka’s trademark meat, vegetable and seafood pancake.