A review of tactile sensing technologies with applications in biomedical engineering

  Any device which senses information such as shape, texture, softness, temperature, vibration or shear and normal forces, by physical contact or touch, can be termed a tactile sensor. The importance of tactile sensor technology was recognized in the 1980s, along with a realization of the importance of computers and robotics. Despite this awareness, tactile sensors failed to

New Edible Containers Are As Yummy As Food

We have a variety of things present in nature that have a natural packing, that is their skin which we peel to eat the fruit inside them. Its always a law of nature to produce such coverings and membranes to protect the fruit inside. Coming to artificial products, what companies do is similar to nature. They

World’s First Heartless Person

Ever wondered some one dying from heart problem and all at sudden doctors hit up with a strange experimental idea and replace the heart with a pump to save that person. Well that actually happened in the present case to Craig Lewis who was 55 years old and was dying due to abnormal conditions of his heart. A strange but