Nature is Incredibly Beautiful; Look at These 20 Mind Blowing Natural Weather Phenomena

If you thought weather was either cold, warm, wet or dry, rainy or sunny or that nature has limits, you were wrong.  There are some amazing weather phenomena you probably didn’t know existed, and even if you did, you probably have never seen them this beautiful.  Here are some of the most amazing images captured around the world.

1. Asperatus Clouds

 via Distractify

2. Sun Dogs

 via Bubble News

3. Fire Rainbow

 via Strange Sounds

4. Supercell

 via Paranomio

5. Lenticular Clouds

 via ASAP Science

6. Cappuccino Coast

 via Odd Stuff Magazine

7. Moonbow (Lunar Rainbow)

 via Wikipedia

8. Catatumbo Lightning

 via cryscrec

9. Brinicle

 Frozen Planet, PPC/Discovery  via 

10.  Volcanic lightning

 via mrietze

11. White rainbow

 via yimg

12. Morning Glory

 via Wikimedia

13. Waterspouts

 via It’s a Beautiful Earth

14. Aurora Borealis

 by Benjamin Schultz via Polite Society


15. Bioluminescence 

 via National Geographic