iPad Controlled Super Yacht

We all are on a familiar tone with Super Yacht concept but to watch it in reality would be extra cool! So there it is a $15 million dollars beauty awaits at China to set off. It took five years to design and complete it, the ultimate vessel looks more like a space ship.

Adastra super yacht designed by John Shuttleworth and constructed by McConaghy Boats in China is a beauty to admire. The space ship looking like vessel weighs about 52 tons and it is 140 feet long. Now the mind boggling thing is that with all that design and style, the super yacht can travel 4000 nautical miles at 17 knots. The Adastra super yacht has a place of six crew members and along with them it can also accommodate nine outsiders. This all don’t ends up here as the most interesting thing is that the super yacht can be controlled by your iPad, now what more could be fun than that!The amazing yacht is yet another marvellous creation of this century. Take a look at the pictures below.