Jetpack concept might finally be ready for mass production

After the jetpack appeared 1984 Olympics you would have thought the device just might be commercially available at some point. That never happen, but now Glenn Martin might make Jetpack flying possible.   Recently they were issued test licenses for their prototype product from the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority. This means the company is all set

Top 10 Amazing Aviation Innovations Of 2010

The year 2010 has already ended, but it has brought with it many technological advancements in major fields of Science and technology. Some major leaps have been taken in the field of aviation. These innovations will surely make our lives easier and transportation more reliable and sustainable. So here I have compiled a list of ten

[video] Sikorsky X2 Technology Helicopter Achieves 250kt

Sikorsky video of the Sep. 15, 2010 test flight during which its X2 Technology coaxial-rotor helicopter demonstrator achieved its 250kt speed goal. Conventional helicopters cruise at around 150kt. The X2 reached 260kt in a shallow dive as is expected to exceed 250kt in level flight once a sail fairing is fitted between the upper and

Fifty Years of DARPA: Hits and Misses on Video

Founded to protect the US against “technological surprise”, the agency has achieved some spectacular successes – and failures – in its 50-year history.