An ATM Doles Out Gifts That Will Melt Your Heart

When a person tells you they are visiting the ATM it is likely that they will be doing one of two things: checking their account balance or withdrawing cash and in some cases both. Of course, there are other functions that are less frequently used but, have you ever heard of an ATM actually giving

Draw ATM Cash Using Your Phone – Goodbye Credit Cards

Automated machines are amazing. From vending cupcakes to money, they make our lives easier. Now a new technology is set to change the way we use ATM machines. Using this technology, you can withdraw cash from ATM with your phone, instead of using credit/ ATM card. The system is known as NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal

The Cupcake ATM

So called the “Cupcake ATM” which has taken a good interest of the world in last previous days is for sure a unique thing coloured in pink. It is loaded with 600 cupcakes at a time and all your favourite  Sprinkles cupcake mixes, apparel and dog treats can be found in it.  So all you do

Top 10 Technologies that Changed Banking

Today most of us don’t even visit a bank but utilize all the services at the our comfort. Although it wasn’t always like this. Modern technologies have completely revolutionized banking. Here is the list of such Top 10 technologies. No 10. CCTV and Security Gadgets Gone are the days when the bank needed to hire