Ever Wonder What Happens to Retired NYC Subway Cars?

It’s just natural to think that old and retired subway cars would go to scrap metal yards. However since 2001, almost as many as 2,580 subway cars from New York have gone to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Even more surprising is the fact that ti’s used to build an artificial reef just a little off the East Coast for a more sustainable habitat for marine life and to improve recreational fishing as well.

Before a subway car is dumped onto the ocean floor, it is first undergoes steam cleaning and is stripped of its components that end up floating or being decomposed over time. This solution is definitely a win-win situation and it’s quite nice to think that there’s still a purpose for these transportation vehicles even after their time. Photographer Stephen Mallon has followed the artificial reef program for two years and here are the stunning shots of what it entails.

Source: Photos by Stephen Mallon/via Business Insider