World’s First Super Bus Costs $10 million

The concept of super bus evolved in late nineties when Professor Wubbo Ockels from Delft University of Technology (Holland) along with his team thought to bring forth convenient spots for passenger travelling. According to him, the rail transport was slow and a person is bound to travel across stations, so he came up with an idea of super bus which could travel at super speed and off all, it should be luxurious as well.

So with this long term idea Mr. Wubbo started working with his team and worked for about 3 years to make world’s first super bus. After years of hard work what he brought out was a Lamborghini type super bus that was designed to travel at lightning speeds and it was eco-friendly at the same time. The bus can travel upto 250 km/h with a capacity of transportation of 23 people. Any ways this giant beast was purchased by an Arab’s Sheikh and he paid a total sum of $10 million along with the air transportation of vehicle to its destination (i.e Dubai). The super bus is supposed to travel both inside and outside of the city. It has a gigantic length of 49 ft, a width of 8 ft and a height of 5 ft 5 inches. The interior of this beauty is typically designed for a luxurious riding style. Below are the pictures and video, sit back and enjoy them:

Top 10 Prison Movies

Hollywood has tackled almost every aspect there is to life and prison life is no different. In fact, some pretty amazing movies have been made focusing on inmates and the prison way of life. Today we present a list of the 10 best movies of the sub-genre prison.

No 10. The Great Escape

Based on a true story; the Nazis, exasperated at the number of escapes from their prison camps by a relatively small number of Allied prisoners, relocates them to a high-security “escape-proof” camp to sit out the remainder of the war. Undaunted, the prisoners plan one of the most ambitious escape attempts of World War II.


No 9. Cold Hand Luke

Directed by Stuart Rosenberg, this movies is about Lucas Jackson, a natural born world shaker, someone with more guts than brains, a man who refuses to conform to the rules he has been given. Sent to a prison camp for a misdemeanor Luke soon gains respect and becomes an idol. He has some fun in jail doing things for the hell of it, after his mother dies the Bosses put him in the box afraid he might want to attend the funeral. When he gets out he runs and gets caught and runs and gets caught, the bosses try to break him but he just won’t break.


No 8. A Prophet

Starring Tahar Rahim, Niels Arestrup and Adel Bencherif, this movie tells the story of an illiterate eighteen year-old Franco-Arab Malik El Djebena who is sent to Brécourt prison sentenced to six years for assaulting police officers. Alone and without money, Malik finds unprotected in an environment of corruption and violence divided by the Corsican and Muslim gangs. The powerful Corsican mobster César Luciani forces him to kill the Muslin Reyeb and then gives support and protection to him in his gang. Malik befriends Ryad that teaches him how to read and write and they become best friends. Meanwhile César uses Malik to help him outside prison in his dirty business with casinos. Malik also learns how to deal drugs and climbs positions in the hierarchy of César’s mafia.


No 7. The Hurricane

Starring Denzel Washington, this film tells the story of Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, an African-American man who rose above his troubled youth to become a top contender for the middle-weight boxing title. However, his dreams are shattered when he is accused of a triple murder, and is convicted to three natural-life terms. Despite becoming a cause célèbre and his dogged efforts to prove his innocence through his autobiography, the years of fruitless efforts have left him discouraged. This changes when an African-American boy and his Canadian mentors read his book and are convinced of his innocence enough to work for his exoneration. However, what Hurricane and his friends learn is that this fight puts them against a racist establishment that profited from this travesty and has no intention of seeing it reversed.