Ring Security Drone: In-Home Security Threat or Peace of Mind?

Earlier this month, smart home giant Ring introduced a product called the Always Home Cam, one of those rare devices that instantly make you go wow! It is also something of a contradiction. On the one hand, it is an extremely cool piece of hardware that most tech fans will love. On the other hand, it is a definite WTF product if you stop to think about it.

If the Ring Always Home Cam has flown under your radar, here’s what you need to know. It is an autonomous “security” drone that functions in the interior of the home. It is designed to make automatic flying sweeps of the inside of your property to check for security holes and other potential risks. Importantly, the drone has a camera that users can tap into when they are away from their property.

And it’s this camera that presents the real problem with the Always Home Cam. Specifically, who in their right mind will want to put a camera in their home? Who in their right mind would want to put a camera that can fly around from room to room?

In a world where people are increasingly concerned about their privacy and how companies access personal data, the Always Home Cam seems to be a terrible idea. At best it is a misguided product from Ring, and at worst it is a nefarious attempt to gather information from customers.

For what it’s worth, Ring says there is no way for the drone to spy on people. According to the company, when the UAV lands in its dock, the camera is obscured. In other words, it will not be filming you when you sit on your sofa watching Netflix every night. Despite this promise, Ring is less forthcoming about what happens to the data the camera gathers when it is in flight.

Something interesting is happening with how consumers view drones. Many of the risks regarding privacy are largely forgotten. Amazon is continuing to push drone technology as a way to deliver goods, but Ring is bringing that same tech into the realm of home surveillance.

So, what does the Ring Always Home Cam mean?

Before continuing and ripping the Always Home Cam apart, I want to say it is both a mega-cool product and a feat of tech engineering. Ring admits it was hard to build because creating an autonomous vehicle to fly around the confines of a home and miss objects is not easy. So, on a technical level, the product is amazing.

However, in terms of what it brings to the home surveillance party, it is much more worrying. For a start, what does the Always Home Cam do that a regular security camera cannot? Sure, it flies from room to room when you’re out, but that seems more gimmicky than a genuinely useful tool. Why would someone breaking into a home be more worried about a drone than they would a standard camera? If the drone had guns or a giant net, maybe.

In fact, it may be much easier for a burglar to remove the Always Home Cam from the equation. It is much easier to simply swat it out of the air and destroy it. That small hidden boring security cam is looking better by the minute, right?

Ring also says the drone can navigate your home through the user pre-installing a map of the interior. That sounds good, and with lidar and probably a downward camera as well, the device should move around without bumping into things. However, what about if you leave that vacuum cleaner pole against the wall, or move furniture, or close a door? Ring has not explained what happens in these situations… does the user have to generate another map?

Here’s the thing about drone tech, and indeed any AI-driven robotic device. On the surface, all these products will look amazing. They dazzle us by taking something mundane and making it look cool. Ring’s Always Home Cam does that. However, with any of these technologies, it is always worth considering whether the product is more useful than what it wants to replace. Early impressions suggest the Always Home Cam simply won’t be and is probably doomed to fail.

Drones are interesting and will influence our changing lives in the coming years and decades. That said, I am still not sold on them ever becoming functional within a home. Where does it end? We now have a drone for interior security… will we also get one for heading to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge? Perhaps one day our homes will be full of mini flying drones buzzing around making easy tasks more complicated than they need to be.

Sorry Ring, this is a cool idea and looks good, but cool is sometimes not enough.

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10 Largest Databases of the World

You know Google is big, you know even Facebook is big, with its users approaching a billion. But perhaps you don’t know how massive these companies are. Today, we present to you a list of some of the largest databases of the modern age. Let’s get started and just keep in mind that size alone does not determine how big a database is, it’s the information it contains in the form of fields and records and eventually it all depends on the technology being employed for storage and management.

No 10. Library of Congress

With over 130 million items including 29 million books, photographs and maps, 10,000 new items added each day and nearly 530 miles of shelves, the Library of Congress is a wonder to behold in itself. Only the text portion of the library would take up 20 terabytes of space. If internet isn’t helping you out in your research, head to the oldest federal cultural institution in the United States in DC.


No 9. Central Intelligence Agency

With exact size understandably not made public, the CIA has comprehensive statistics on more than 250 countries of the world and also collects and distributes information on people, places and things. Although, the database is not open to public, portions of it are made available. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room is one such example where 100s of items are added from the database monthly.

No 8. Amazon

Containing records of more than 60 million active users, Amazon also has more than 250,000 full text books available online and allows users to comment and interact on virtually every page of the website. Overall, the Amazon database is over 42 terabytes in size.

No 7. YouTube

With over 60 hours of video uploaded per minute, yes, per minute, YouTube has a video database of around 45 terabytes. It has over 100 million videos being watched every day.

Take a look at this somewhat old video:

Kindle Fire Running Android 4.0

Kindle Fire is now a days very a popular tablet due to its lesser cost and all tablet acquired features. The demand of the tablet has raised its reputation in market and marketers, and forced them to consider Amazon kindle fire option as their first priority. Since the tablet costs you $199 rather then other tablets costing you at least $350, its a good option to take its consideration for the buyers. The tablet already runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The good news for the users who like to hack it to run Android 4.0 (Ice-cream Sandwich) as the  developers have managed to get a very earlier version of Android 4.0 to Kindle fire. Though its not bug free and a pre-release according to them, but still for those anticipated guys who want to run 4.0 to their kindle tablet its a big news for them.

Developers have also been working to come across a more developed and modified version of it which they informed to be released later.Such hacked tablets wont be able to enjoy the special Android customizations from Amazon.

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Amazon Imitates Apple With A 12-Day Giveaway Deal

Catching up with Apple, Amazon UK has come up with a similar 12-day giveaway deal.  The deal offers ebooks on a very low price, sometimes as low as under £3. It concentrates primarily on award winning and in demand novels. Similar to Apple’s 12 day deal, Amazon’s deal is also valid till 6th January. No such deal offered in Canada or US though.

This offer is believed to do well for Amazon achieving a million kindles a week and is pivotal to attract readers. Amazon is still considered to be a head of competitor book stores and Apple in UK. But now that  iBookStore has matured around 180 million downloads and still growing, backed by Apple’s decision to set iPad shipments’ record , might well effect kindle sales at large.

28 Natural Wonders Finalist for 2012

These 28 new wonder of nature are finalized for the selection after public voting held by a major travel website. They are unique in nature and mysterious .The list of new 28 wonders are ready for the selection of 2012.

1. Angel Falls in Venezuela

2. Baby of Fundy in Canada

3. Black Forest in Germany

4. Bu Tinah Island in United Arab Emirates

5. Cliffs of Mother Ireland

6. Dead Sea in Israeel,Jordan,Palestine

7. Jeita Grotto in Lebanon

8. Iguazu Falls in Argentine, Brazil

9. Matterhorn/Cervi Italy,swizerland

10. Great barrier Reef In Australia PNG

11. Maldives

12. Komodo In Indonesia

New 2010 MacBook Air Dips Below $900, Refurb $749

As of Saturday, the price of new 2010 11.6-inch MacBook Air had fallen under $900 at Best Buy, in the wake of the launch of the 2011 models. And refurbs are now below $750 from Apple.

While other retailers list the low-end 11.6-inch model (MC516LL/A) at just below $900, Best Buy is listing it at $834.99. The 2010 11.6-inch Air is outfitted with a 1.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics, 2GB of memory, and a 64GB flash drive.

Amazon too is offering a competitive price of $879 for the same model as of Saturday. An even better price can be had on a refurbished 11.6 incher from Apple: $749.

All these 2010 models come with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, not OS X Lion.