Photographers Spike Our Adrenaline With Shots That Will Definitely Keep Us Anticipating

For the Kinfolk Magazine’s article entitled ‘Adrenaline Issue’, photographer Aaron Tilley and Director Kyle Bean show the results of what that thought of when they were asked to recreate that awful moment when something terrible is just about to happen.

Falling concrete bricks domino downward towards a delicate champagne glass.

The project emphasizes the curious relationship between what the mind perceives and how the body reacts. The anticipation causes the body to release adrenaline, even if nothing actually happens, and it is believed that this reaction is closely connected to the fight-or-flight response that was so essential for the survival of our early ancestors. The series of visuals includes an ink pen precariously dangles above a pristine white shirt; falling concrete bricks domino downward towards a delicate champagne glass; and a rock-pendulum begins to swing across an arc of unlit matches.

Dozens of matches stand still, waiting to be struck by a rock swing by.

The pictures are designed to invoke a sense of anxiety and discomfort as we anticipate the sometimes disastrous event that’s just about to occur. Check out the rest of the photos below.

Above a pristine white shirt dangles an pen dripping ink.


A bowling ball rolls towards a surely loud, bubble-wrapped fate.


Three eggs prepare to crash into a marble slab.


A balloon awaits its death above a plinth of pins.