Hazards Of Mobile Phones

Every thing has advantages as well as disadvantages. One can’t ignore or limit its credibility to certain bounds. You might be hearing some hazards from mobile phones but we in usual practice ignore them and don’t take them at any serious account, whereas these things are too hazardous for us at the same time they

Top 10 Reasons for Car Accidents

While many of you might not be aware that deaths resulting from car accidents far exceed the numbers for plane crashes, but due to greater media coverage, air travel is perceived more dangerous. In 2009, the total number of deaths resulting from car accidents in the United States was 33,808. Today, we number the top

Fire-fighting Robots: Defence contractor QinetiQ unveils first commerical robot

Fire fighting robot competitions have been a part of mechatronics departments’ activities¬†around the world for years. Often, use of robots for fire-fighting purposes sounds as an over use of robots. But the increased number of accidents invloving fire-fighters during fire response¬†has demanded for safer method to fight fires.