Top 10 Ways to Promote Facebook Fan Page

If you have a Facebook fan page, which by the way is for business purposes, then building a sizeable fan base is not an easy going. You ask your friends to “like” your page and ask them to ask their friends to “like” it and then you are struck. Well, today we’ll let you know a handful of techniques for promoting your Facebook fan page, so here goes.

Note: The list is in no particular order.

No 10. Email your contacts

Yes, it can be that simple; open up your email account and write an email telling what people can find on your fan page and try to write cleverly so as to compel your contact into “like”-ing your page. Try it, it works.

No 9. Tweet your page

Yes, afterall it isn’t illegal. Try to tweet your fan page URL often and regularly and with it obviously give an update of you page. Like if you have some offer going on, try to lure people in with some catchy phrases. And anyways, you can link you page your Twitter account by simply clicking this link.