8 megapixel

iPhone 4S Picture In Comparison With Canon 5D MK II

A film making firm took a Canon 5D Mark II and an iPhone 4S, placed them on a rig for simultaneous shooting and then put the resulting shot side by side for your very own analysis. The matching of the exposure, frame rate (30 fps), shutter speed and picture style was made sure by them.

iPhone 5 Release Set For September

According to Bloomberg, the next iPhone will be launched this September. Citing several sources with apparent knowledge of Apple’s plans, here’s what Bloomberg seems to confirm about iPhone 5: 8 megapixel camera, up from the current 5mp iPhone 5 will “closely resemble the iPhone 4? A5 CPU, same as iPad 2 iPhone 5 pushed back

Rumor: iPhone 5 Camera System Undergoing Redesign

Indeed it’s the leaks that make technology interesting. On Wednesday, a part supplier leaked beliefs that Apple is redesigning the camera flash for the iPhone 5. According to reports, the company has “significantly reduced” the number of orders from Philips for the LED flashes used in the iPhone 4 over the past one to two