5-star hotel

Zany underground hotel concept becomes a reality

What you see here is the SongJiang Hotel concept, a unique project taking advantage of an abandoned water-filled quarry. Here is the photo of the pit as it is today: The design won an international competition for China’s 5-star resort hotel. It incorporates a number of 10 meter deep aquariums and two levels of aquatic

Emirates to Fly 5 Star Hotel on Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is a true wonder of modern engineering. It is the largest airliner ever made, with a carrying capability of up to 853 passengers. Being 50% wider than the Boeing 747, it’s closest competitor, the Airbus has truly surpassed all previous achievements of plane construction and interior design. A380’s level of comfort (well,

Worlds First 5-Star Flying Hotel a Reality

If I ask you which hotel is the most deluxe one, I believe that you will be sure to say it must be the super hotel in Dubai. However, there is another flying super five-star hotel now. The hotel is reformed on the basis of Soviet Mil V-12 aircraft, after reforming, this aircraft will be