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Have Your Customized 3D Printed Gummy Candies Made At This U.S. Candy Store

A candy chain is now allowing those of us who love candies and 3D printing to enjoy the two all at once. Partnering with Magic Candy Factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar just installed 3D printers in their shops to allow their customers to create and design their own gummy candies, and print them right away. Currently,

World’s Smallest, Most Inexpensive & User-Friendly 3D Printer

When some of us first became aware of 3D printers being available for domestic use, we became exciting and were enthused, up until the moment we discovered the size and the hefty cost that one of the devices carry. If you are still interested and your printing plans are more on the micro side, this

Top Ten 3D Printer Machines

With the advancements in technology, many unimaginable things are now within the reach of a common man. 3D printers are one of those machines, which can build solid objects. They are not easy to buy or operate; furthermore, the filament used in most of the printers costs about $70 per KG and is sold in

3D Printer Can Build a House in 20 Hours!

For the first time ever in the world, Dutch architects are thinking of making a fully functional house using large 3D printers. This is not the first time that we have seen versatility in 3D printing. But this building entirely made with the help of 3D printer would be the first of its kind.  Dutch architecture firm

Artist Creates His Own Skeleton Using A 3D Printer

Caspar Berger, a Dutch artist used CT scanner to get the detailed anatomical data of his body. He then used that data to make an exact copy of his skeleton with the help of a 3D printer. For his artistic approach he needed precise and detailed information of each and every bone of the body. So he used the