2013 cars

Dolphin Concept Car

The race of producing smarter and more stylish cars is on the fire. This year the third winner of Michelin design challenge was the Dolphin concept car. The main theme of the competition was “Half! lightweight with passion” thus the aim was to bring the concept cars that boast smart technology with light weight body.

BMW M9 Concept

BMW i8 concept is still new to many folks, but German automobile makers couldn’t resist to introduce another concept to the World. This time its the all new BMW M9 Concept, and boy-o-boy its totally mind boggling vehicle. One should pay credit to the designers who designed this stunning car. Though its still a concept, if it

The New BMW 4 Series Coupe

Say hello to the new BMW 4 Series Coupe! The German car producer has unveiled yet another beauty. If you have been a BMW fan then you must be waiting for this release. So the wait is now over as BMW 4 Series Coupe is hitting the market during the later half of 2013. Previously

Agera Range Updated Will Blow Your Mind

Koenigsegg, the producers of Agera and Agera R will be definitely hitting some bucks in the next year. The purely sleek designed Agera picked up by updater squads of Koenigsegg is now finally ready to hit the roads. You might not believe your eyes what Agera has turned out to be, it will feature new sports Aircore disks made