20 years research

Microsoft’s “Transparent PC” – The Next Era Computer

Microsoft’s “20 years research program” is a well designed and a very organised program that shows us that where will we be heading in the next 20 years. Today we would like to introduce one of their very amazing technology on which Microsoft has been researching for quite some while. Its dubbed as the “Transparent

IllumiShare – The Upcoming Technology

There is something superb which we will be going to see in the near future as it is already in development at Microsoft research program. Sasa Junuzovic, a post doc researcher at Microsoft has come up with a brilliant idea of making the hardware and the software integration in a pretty decent fashion so that

Kinect + Augmented Reality = Awesomeness!

So here we are looking at the future plans of Microsoft. What Microsoft call it is next 20 years where Microsoft will take over the world. So we can hope that probably after 20 years the holographic imaging would be a common thing in peoples life. So we came by Andy Wilson, the Principle Researcher