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Top 10 Uses for Wi-Fi other than connecting to the Internet

No 2. Telling Your Phone When It’s in Home or Outside

If you want your phone to know whether it’s in home or outside, you can use ‘Tasker’ to perform the feat. You need to create a profile that detects when you’re connected to your home network. On the other side of the coin, you can always roll your own Find my iPhone clone for Android, using Wi-Fi to detect when it’s somewhere other than where it should be.

No 1. Syncing Your Music Library, Photo Library etc with Your Smartphone

Thanks to the Wi-Fi syncing your PC with your Smartphone is no longer a hassle it used to be. And this is probably the most useful and most common use of Wi-Fi other than browsing the internet now. Wi-Fi allows you to sync your Android phone with iTunes, Winamp, or sync your iPhone with Linux and itsphotos with PhotoSync. Furthermore, Android users can access their phone’s SD card with a myriad of apps, like WiFi File Explorer, Dazzboard, Android Manager WiFi, or the accurately named Awesome Drop.

Here is one app that allows you to sync music with great ease:


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