Japan to Spend $21,000,000,000 on a Power Plant in F%#king Space

Holy shit, Japan is getting prepped to drop $21 billion on a solar power station in space, one that will beam enough energy back to Earth to power 294,000 homes. With no cables.

The whole deal is being put together by Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and industrial design company IGI Corp. The plan involves a gigantic solar panel floating around in space, soaking up a gigawatt of energy and beaming it to Earth without the use of cables. And they hope to have it ready to rock within four years.

Pretty amazing stuff. Here’s hoping it works well and doesn’t end up giving the entire country of Japan cancer. Thanks for testing that whole thing out for us, guys!

How to PrintScreen On a Macbook Running Windows

If you are looking for screenshot/ printscreen key on a macbook/ macbook pro/ iMac; look no more

This is the case: You have a MacBook or a MacBook Pro, and  you have Windows installed and want to take a screenshot (printscreen). This will work on XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Since the MacBook/MacBook Pro don’t have a “printscreen” key you shoul try this:

Shift + Fn + F11 (If your functions key controls the hardware)

Shift + F11 (If your function keys bahaves as normal functions keys)

If you want take a screenshot of the active window jus add the Alt key.

Alt + Shift + Fn + F11 (If your functions key controls the hardware)
Alt + Shift + F11 (If your function keys bahaves as normal functions keys

This was tested with Bootcamp 2 and 3.

Every Apartment Needs To Have Its Window A/Cs Replaced With This Impressive One

Air-conditioners for residential homes come as a best fit as the window-types. Apart from being heavy and awkwardly-sized, they take up a good chunk of window space. This is something that the Noria Air Conditioner wishes to change.

The air conditioner is convenient to install or move from one room to another as it measures just 5.8 x 18.25 x 5 inches (h x w x d) and weighing 30 pounds. This kind of size will take up very little window space, that means plenty more uses for that window, whether to let sunlight through or enjoy a good vies of the street outside.

The Noria Air Conditioner uses a highly-engineered, patent-pending design that allows it to fit the cooling hardware into such a compact form factor. As such, it can only mount horizontally, as vertical placement is likely to compromise its operation. A single unit can cool rooms up to 160 square feet, with two units able to handle spaces up to 330 square feet. A single knob on the front allows you to control the operation, with an accompanying app allowing you to make adjustments remotely.

It comes with a window frame adapter sized for openings 21 inches wide, although a retractable facility allows it to expand to accommodate up to 36-inch openings. Features include ceiling-directed airflow to ensure even cooling of the room, an integrated thermostat to prevent overcooling, and a fresh air mode that turns off the compressor to circulate fresh air into the room.

The Noria Air Conditioner can also be controlled from your Android or iPhone device with it app. Through this app you can do things such as setting a schedule and temperature. Several Noria units can be control via the one app.


A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for Noria Air Conditioner. Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $299.