Russian Robot Makes The News For Managing To Escape From Its Training Compound

This recent news on robots is definitely not the type of story you would expect, and definitely the type of story that will kind of make you scared about the heights of development that robots have reached. A self-learning robot that was being trained at a facility in Russia managed to escape the training compound

Have Your Customized 3D Printed Gummy Candies Made At This U.S. Candy Store

A candy chain is now allowing those of us who love candies and 3D printing to enjoy the two all at once. Partnering with Magic Candy Factory, Dylan’s Candy Bar just installed 3D printers in their shops to allow their customers to create and design their own gummy candies, and print them right away. Currently,

This KFC Fast Food Chain In China Is Operated By Just Robots

Customers of KFC have been served the same secret original recipe for over 60 years now. You can however look out to see a change in one of their usual traditions. Colonel Sanders will be introducing a new concept store in Shanghai, China. The store will allow its customers to order fired chicken from a

I Have Trouble Believing That This Chinese Robot Is Not A Human

This new ultra-lifelike animatronic robot named JiaJia puts the creep in creepy. Robot realism has been hitting the curbs of popularity these days. Previously, a robot that was reveal to the public could have been easily called Scarlett Johansson’s clone as it was made to look exactly like the actress. The focus of this new

This Robotic Glove May Be The “Breast” Thing For Med Students

There may no longer be any need for breast cancer patients to volunteer their services to medical students. Japanese researchers have developed a robotic glove that can stimulate the sensation of touching someone’s breast. The researchers aspire to have the device serve as a training tool for medical students to gain experience in palpating the

New Roomba Braava Jet Caters To Homes That Have A Hard Flooring

The dirt-sucking talents and ability to keep dirt and debris off our floors all on it own, is the mere reason why many of us praise the Roomba robot vacuum. While its functions may be appreciated by many of us that have the typical flooring type used in homes commonly, it might not necessarily be

Domino’s Looking To Use Autonomous Robots As Their Pizza Delivery Guys

In a statement made by Domino’s, they shared an interesting announcement. They said: “Imagine a world in which your pizza is delivered by a driverless vehicle. A world in which you collect your piping hot Pepperoni Pizza and Garlic Bread from the compartment of a four wheeled robot named DRU. It might not be as

Look Out For This Robot The Next Time You Order Room Service At A Hotel

Look out for a robot the next time you call room service. There is a hospitality robot called Relay that is taking the hospitality industry by storm by serving as a deliverer. The robot by Savioke can bring everything from toiletries to food, and it is already being used by some hotels in the US. Recently, it received

New Cellphone Store In Japan Will Be Staffed With Humanoid Robot ‘Pepper’

So far, Japanese humanoid robot, Pepper, has begun working in financial institutions, car companies, and in food and beverages firms. The latest addition to its list is cell phone retail stores. In an announcement, Softbank shared that they plan to open a pop-up mobile shop that is entirely staffed with four foot-tall robots. The company

This Quadropter Drone Will Follow You Around And Take Your Selfies For You

Who said the commercial guys are the only ones that could fly a drone in the air to capture photography. Now you can own a small one that can follow you around and take photos and videos of you autonomously. Lily, a quadropter drone, is a concept device that you throw into the air to