Getting to know Chef Anthony Bourdain

The world was saddened when it was announced one Friday morning that Chef Anthony Bourdain is already gone. The famous chef – we saw him on TV travelling to different places and trying out culinary cuisines that at some point some of us want to be like him. He had what we thought –a good life. And although we want to settle on the feeling of sadness, we all know that his life was worth celebrating. Today, we’ll try to honor him by remembering who he was that made him for us an inspiration.


He Maybe a Culinary Artist, but his Dream was to become a Comic Artist

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Just like some of us who had a dream job when we were Kids, Bourdain was not an excuse. He wanted to become a Comic Artist even before realizing that his fate was to become a famous Chef.  He co-authored  “Get Jiro!”  In 2011.

His First job was a Dishwasher at a Wedding Reception

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Bourdain would describe himself as a happy dishwasher. Stating that as his first job and was able to learn a lot from what he was used to be doing.

He quit smoking when his Daughter was born

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Bourdain enjoyed smoking before his child was born but according to him, he had already more time on this world than what he probably deserved. So, he thought he owe his child a longer life.

 He had a Crime Novel Published

Not only that he was a great chef and great illustrator, but he was also a great writer! His Crime Novel – Bone in the Throat was published in 1995.

He Co Owns the Good and Evil Chocolate Bar

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Okay so he’s a writer, a great chef and a traveler but he was also a chocolate expert! His chocolate bar is out in the market and it’s made up of 72% premium cacao by Master Chocolatier Christopher Curtin. Well, guess it deserves a try!

He Showed Us that Adventure Is Out There!

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Being a traveler that he was and a foodie who was brave enough to try different foods even the exotic ones, he showed us that there’s a vast world out there waiting to be explored! He was not an ordinary traveler! He let us see a different perspective where we could learn how to appreciate different cultures!

Truly, Anthony Bourdain was a great loss. He was one of the few who defied the odds. He was brave and adventurous. But he taught us one thing –  life maybe full of struggles and bumpy roads, but nothing would make it better than you just enjoying the ride.










Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit

Perhaps you already have  a list of  places that you want to go for vacation. Top destinations could be the countries with nice beaches, restaurants and historical places. But what we are going to show you is not a recommendation on where you should go.However, these are those  that prohibit visitors. Here are the places  you are not allowed to visit.


North Sentinel Island

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Located in the Bay of Bengal, The North Sentinel Island is home to the Sentinelese tribe who denies any contact with the rest of the world. The tribe is considered as one of the few who are left untouched with the modern civilization. Various attempts to reach out  had been made but the tribe responded violently. Thus, left without a choice, they continue to remain secluded in the island.


Snake Island

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Ilha da Queimada  Granda or popularly known Snake Island is located approx. 33 kms off the coast of São Paulo Brazil.

It is called Snake Island because it is full of snakes that every square foot has one snake. It is also where the deadliest snake can be found- the Golden Lancehead Viper. Its venom can devour flesh and tissue making it easier to swallow the prey. It also has neurotoxin that aids in killing whatever it eats. The Brazilian government has banned the place to the public for safety reasons.


Vatican Secret Archives

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Known as Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum in Latin, Vatican Secret Archives is where all Historical and other important documents about the Vatican and the Roman Catholicism are housed. Its 85 km of shelving contains books and letters as old as 1100s and 1200s.Few of the notable documents include; A letter from Michaelangelo to Pope Julius II and the 197- ft long scroll containing the minutes of the trials of the Knights Templar that lasted many years since 1307.


The Queen’s Bedroom

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One of the forbidden places on earth is located right inside Buckingham Palace – the Queen’s bedroom. It is known to be heavily guarded but in 1982, Michael Fagan an intruder was able to successfully enter the Queen’s bedroom. It was reported that Fagan had a one on one conversation with the Queen. Fagan was charged for stealing the palace wine but was not criminally charged as breaking into that palace was still not a criminal offense at that time until they changed it in 2007


Lascaux Cave, France

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Situated in the Southwestern part of France, Lascaux is where you can you see carvings that are as estimated to be 17,000 years old. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Thousands of drawings of animals, human figures, abstract designs can be found in the caves. It was used to be opened to the public until it closed in 1963 because of the fear that constant visitors may damage the site.

Foods That Will Break Your Bank

Admit it, we all want a good food. That’s why some are willing to spend a higher amount in exchange of a great food as it’s one of the best ways to relieve stress. Eating is already an experience. But how far can one person go to satisfy his cravings?  And up to how much is he willing to spend? Here are some of the foods that will break your bank!

Brown Lipped Abalone

Considered as an expensive gem by the seafood lovers, brown lipped abalone which was a gift from a Korean Emperor to China has a price tag of $173,600! Although it tastes very delicious (combination of sweet and sushi) it’s not expensive because of its taste but because it is very rare. Harvesting is so difficult, and the returns are small. These days, the risk of it becoming extinct is high because of a lot of factors such as the loss of habitat, illegal harvesting and so on. Oh, guess it’s time for you to taste it before you’ll run out of supplies.


Yubari King Melon

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Two Yubari King melon was recently sold at an auction for $29,251.50 to Shinya Noda as a summer gift to his company’s customers and clients!

Yes we know! You can already afford to have an amazing vacation in different countries or buy new car with that price tag!

But this amazing fruit that grows only in Yubari Japan has unique taste and sweetness that only those who can afford can only imagine. The way to grow it is intensive and it requires a lot of care. This is probably why it is considered as one of the most expensive fruits in the world.


Almas Caviar

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Considered as the most expensive Caviar in the world, Almas will give anyone a legit Iranian Caviar taste. It is from a rare Albino sturgeon which can only be found in the Southern Caspian Sea. Packed in a 24-karat gold tin can, this food is only sold in Caviar House and Prunier Store in London at around £20,000! Now that is something! But if you have the money, might as well treat yourself a food fit for the king, right?


Lindeth Howe Chocolate Pudding


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A lot of us likes chocolates! They simply make us feel good! That’s probably why apart from flowers, they’re also considered as common gifts during occasions. But what we will show you today is a different kind of chocolate flavored food!

Considered as one of the most expensive foods in the world, this pudding is made with four different types of chocolates with finest qualities and decorated with gold and diamond and topped with caviar and champagne jelly. This is priced about $35,000 per order and must be pre ordered for at least two weeks!


Nino’s Bellissima Pizza

You probably heard of a dollar pizza. But what we have here is a pizza that costs $1,000 and topped with caviar and fresh lobster. Well, anything that has caviar we think is expensive! This 12-inch pizza that’s sold in New York can be sliced into 8 and can be ordered at $125 per slice.

Well, everyone deserves a good pizza, in this case maybe at least once in a lifetime!





Five Scariest Places on Earth

Scariest Places on Earth  –  Remember the days when as kids you were terrified of going to dark places ?Or how  fun it was to talk to your friends about creepy stories. Of course, who could also miss that one place in the neighborhood that all kids want to avoid? That haunted house that nobody wanted to even look at.

Now that you’ve grown up, you might have already realized that those places are not really that creepy as what you expected it to be.

Well they’re probably not. But these places that we’re going to show you today are legit scary that you might or might not want to visit.

Here are the five scariest places on Earth


Nagoro Japan

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If you have Pediophobia or the fear of dolls, don’t bother coming here.

Nagoro, unlike the other villages that are populated with humans is populated with dolls.

Japanese Artist Tsukini Ayano started putting dolls after returning from Osaka and noticing the declining number of residents in the village after the locals have eithers moved out or died.

The Dolls could be seen inside the classrooms, fishing, farming or looking like humans doing the ordinary things. Today, the village is home to at least 35 humans and hundreds of dolls.


Aokigahara Forest Japan

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Still situated in Japan, Aokigahara or the Sea of Trees and known as the Suicide Forest is North of the popular Mt Fuji.

The place is packed with trees that would make it difficult for anyone to find his way out once he enters the forest.

Legend says that several years ago when Japan was experiencing a great famine, Aokigahara was where Old women were left behind.  That practice was once called “Ubasute”.

Today, the forest is already visited by volunteers who try to console people who go there and stop them from committing suicides.


Humberstone and La Noria Chile

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Declared  as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, Humberstone and La Noria  were both mining towns in Chile until they closed because of economic crisis and shocking treatment of workers.

It is believed that La Noria has the creepiest cemetery as it is filled with open graves and exposed dead bodies. The dead are also believed to be roaming around the town at night.


Pripyat Ukraine

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Known as City of Nuclear Scientists, Pripyat a  Citsy in Ukraine was inhabited by  50,000 people until it was abandoned  following the Chernobyl disaster. What’s left there today are empty schools, homes, parks and traces that will remind everyone that it used to be filled with happy kids and grown ups.  The City remains to be empty as it is still unsafe to be repopulated due to radiation.


 Hell Town, Ohio, United States

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Another abandoned place on our list is HellTown Ohio which used to be a Native American Village .

There are a lot of mysteries surrounding the place where it was believed that cults exist, serial killers slaughter area for people and many  other terrible deaths.

Today, the major part of   Helltown is already part of the National Park.

Random Geisha Facts

Geisha – An Art person, an Art doer.

Their world is  fascinating yet mysterious.

Today, we’ll let you take a peak of the world that they’re moving.

Here are random facts about a Geisha


The First Geishas Were Men

Surprising as it may sound, but the first Geishas were actually men!

Known as Taikomochi, males  are the original geishas in Japan who made their history in the 13th century.

The first female geisha only  appeared in 1751.


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Geisha Training starts at a young age.

Once she  enters the Okiya (geisha houses) she is expected to obey the rules and submit to her elders.

She is first called a Minarai which translates to ‘learning by doing’ and which means she has to learn by observing the Maikos and Geishas.

After going through a lot of training and passing the test, she will then be called a Maiko which will  last up to five years until she will become a full fledged Geisha.


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Geisha Training Costs Fortunes

For one to be called a Geisha, she still has to learn a lot of things.

These include playing the traditional Japanese instruments, dancing, serving tea and the list goes on, calligraphy and the list goes on.

This means  that the Okaasan (the okiya mother ) has to pay an estimated amount of $500,00 for the entire training duration before one can become a full fledged Geisha.


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A Geisha is not allowed to Get Married

If you have seen  the movie, “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Steven Spielberg, then you probably know that Geishas can’t get married.

If they fall in love and decide to be with the man they love, they must do it  after their retirement.

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A Geisha Does Not Use her Real Name

Once a woman decides to become a Geisha, she will  have to use a different  name which would bring prosperity and good luck to her career.

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YouTube Vloggers that You Must Follow on Youtube

V Log – Short term for Video Log is  form of blog that make use of video as a medium. YouTube which is included in the top 3 visited sites on the web has a lot of channels where Vloggers present themselves through their  personal videos of their travels or their interests.

Here we came up with the list of travel Vloggers who deserves  subscribers in YouTube


Exploring With Josh

Have you ever wondered how it is to explore places that you haven’t been before? When we say explore, we’re not just talking about going to places where tourists go and trying their local food but exploring the unknown. Well this is what Josh the explorer does on his YouTube channel. Josh travels to different locations in the world and go to the abandoned places such as hospitals, mansion, hotels and other interesting places. He gets to give his viewers a tour on every location that he visits and give out interesting facts. The most viewed video that he uploaded was one video on his Chernobyl Series which gained millions of views!

With his interesting contents, no wonder why he now has 3 million subscribers.

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Almazan Kitchen

So, we have seen a lot of interesting cooking videos, but this channel is taking cooking to a different level.

The chef who’s also a traveler goes to wild forests to cook different dishes with the use of organic homemade ingredients! Well what could be better than watching the chef cook a delicious looking meal in the middle of a forest!  What makes his videos also different is that he doesn’t explain the process. He just shows it and well actions speak louder than words in this case! All you can hear are the sounds that the nature creates and the noise that he does when he’s cooking. The channel currently has over a million subscribers but with interesting contents, this deserves more!

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Wil Dasovich

Wil Dasovich recently won the  Vlogger of the Year on  this Year’s Shorty Awards. He’s full of enthusiasm and energy and has a lot of interesting contents on his YouTube page.Last Year, he announced  that he was battling with Colon Cancer and had to stop doing travel videos for a while to start the cancer treatment. Earlier this year, though his YouTube page, he was declared as Cancer Free! And now he’s back with his travelling videos and more interesting contents! He now has over a million followers on YouTube!


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Joe Allam

Have a taste of a wonderful  cinematic experience by watching Joe Allam’s YouTube videos . Joe Allam is a  photographer, vlogger, designer and blogger  from London who displays a lot of creativity on his YouTube channel.He has traveled to many countries and was able to highlight different places through his  cinematic scenes. With his great quality of videos, he is worth more followers!

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There are still a lot of vloggers that we have yet to explore on Youtube. Watch out for the next list soon!

Are You Brave Enough Try These Bizarre Asian Foods?

Bizarre Asian Foods –  One of the best reasons why one should visit Asia aside from its wonderful beaches and friendly people.

Each Asian place has a unique food to offer and although some of them look strange that you don’t even want to look at them, they all taste uniquely good.

Here we came up with a list of Bizarre Asian foods that only those who are courageous  will experience their oddly satisfying tastes.




A popular street food in the Philippines, balut is a developing egg of either duck or chicken that’s incubated and boiled.  It usually ranges from 16- 21 days old and the older it gets, the more visible the chick is (obviously).Balut is usually eaten with salt and coconut vinegar and sold at night (guess you know why) . Number 16 is the most popular as it still contains “chick soup “which adds to its ‘unique taste’.

Balut is not only popular in the Philippines but also in other SE Asian countries  such as Cambodia, Laos, Thailand Vietnam and China.

Many Philippine restaurants have already made versions of local dishes out of this.


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Chicken Feet


A popular viand in the Philippines , chicken feet adobo is best paired with rice.

There are a lot of ways to cook it  and another popular dish is adidas – a barbecued chicken feet.

This is also a common sight in  Chinese restaurants but cooked in a different way. Although this may look odd, this tastes really good and are known to have health benefits. For one, it  can make you look young. That should more than enough to convince you to try this.


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Fried Bats


If you think balut and chicken feet would be the top two Bizarre Asian Foods that you are yet to taste, wait until you see and taste these fried bats from Thailand.

Farmers gather these creatures everyday and boil them to remove their furs and chopped  before they’re deep fried.

Yes, they may look scary but some say they got a familiar taste. They taste almost the same as chicken.



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Fish Sperm Sushi


A milt or sperm sac of a male fish (most common is Cod) is made as a main ingredient of this sushi in Japan called Shirako.

Shirako translates to White Children . It tastes like custard although not that sweet and almost tastes like tofu.

Although it’s pricey – it’s considered as a food to look forward to and Japanese people are willing to pay a high amount for the experience.


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Fried Tarantula


This crawling creature that you don’t want  to have a close encounter with is actually a famous snack in Cambodia. It’s  usually cooked with sugar and garlic and  sold on the streets for a couple of cents. Many Khmer women believe that eating this creature  will make you beautiful- so yes, grab a bite. This food became famous during the time of Khmer Rouge when Cambodians depended on it for survival. Thanks to the fact this it is rich in protein, folic and zinc.

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That so far are the Bizarre Asian Foods included in our list. Now, pack your bags and start your Asian food adventure. Post some pictures on Instagram and we can’t wait to hear your stories soon! Watch out for our next food hunt! Who knows one of your local foods may be included in our list!


Edo Wonderland- A Must Visit In Japan

When we talk about traveling to Japan, we usually think about the Sakura Trees ,robots, ramen and everything cool. But there’s this beautiful place in the country that lets you relieve the  Edo period or Tokugawa period (Japan between 1603- 1868).

Located in Nikko – Tochigi Prefecture, Edo Wonderland is a must visit in Japan . This especially to those who love to experience the Old Japanese society.


Edo Wonderland Entrance

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Dress up as a Geisha, Ninja, Samurai warrior or any Edo character of your choice while trying to explore the village.

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The place is packed with different activities and breath taking views that will fill your instagram stories with amazing pictures.


An Amazing View Inside The Village

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Image Source:


From dining to theater performances, shopping, playing games , you and your family and friends will surely have fun.

One Of The Amazing Theatre Performances


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Food From the Edo Period That One Can Try

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The Ninja Performance is such breath taking that will let you see cool fight scenes of Ninjas on stage that at the end of it , you’ll surely think of changing your careers.


A Ninja Sighting In The Village

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Have you also ever wondered how their house looks like? I’ll tell you it is sick.

Well probably, that will be the most unique house that you’ll ever visit. Going inside the house is already an adventure and going out is absolutely fun.


And wait, you probably have heard about Geishas right? But have you ever seen one?

Yes , You can actually see a legit Geisha in that village. And Oh Yes, she is mesmerizing.

The way she talks and acts will sure take you breathe away.


There are other performances that are also equally amazing such as the Mizugei – Za which is a water illusion and you and your kids will sure love the Nan – Myage Theater performance.


While waiting for the theater performances , you can see different Edo characters on the streets living like it’s actually the Edo era. Well it will probably confuse you on the time that you’re living in or whether or not you’ve accidentally taken the time machine.


Hungry? Grab a bite from the stores with Edo Delicacies . Yabu Soba, Tori Soba -Ya and Yama Kujira are a must try!


There are also a lot of souvenir shops in the village that sells very unique items such as samurai keychains, ref magnets, samurai swords, dolls and other japanese items. Your friends will surely love those !


The activities close with an Oiran Courtesan Procession where you can see the the characters parade through the streets.

Watch out for their facial expressions, their poise, their colorful costumes and the way the Geisha’s walk , they’re very unique that we recommend you to take a lot of snaps and we’re sure your followers will love.


Oiran Courtesan Procession

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This is an amazing place to go when you’re planning an adventure. Truly, a magical experience.









Suicide Forest: Japan’s Number One Suicide Spot

Following the backlash that Youtube Star Logan Paul has experienced due to his insensitive remarks about suicide and mental illness while exploring Japan’s number one suicide spot, many people’s attention was caught by the haunting history of Aokigahara – or the so-called Suicide Forest in Japan. This is not the first time that this forest has caught people’s attention. It has always been notorious for being the place where many souls choose to claim their lives.

Lego Launches ‘Women of NASA’ Set

Lego has been looking for new ideas for their kit sets. For this reason, they launched Lego Ideas. This platform allows users to submit their unique ideas and concepts for Lego sets. After gaining the support of voters, Lego judges would review the idea and decide to approve it for production or not. This year, a female scientist and editor of MIT News was successful in getting her idea launched with the Women of Science concept. This kit features prominent women of science who have played key roles in NASA’s history.