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If Game Of Thrones Houses Were Tech Companies Or Something

Ever wonder if our favorite tech and internet companies were houses in Game of Thrones? Neither did we, till we did, and then wrote this conversation out.

3 Smart Clothes & E-Textiles That Improve Your Look & Life

Our phones, fridges, and cars are smart - what about clothes? We look at the 3 types of smart clothes technology and how they will improve your look and life.

AR/VR Project T288 & Why It Will Shape Apple the Next Decade

Learn about this secretive project that is rumored to have hundreds of employees developing the next wave of products - what does the future of Apple look like?

Air-Conditioned Jackets & Clothes: Keep Cool & Look Cool?

Read which air-conditioned jackets and clothes can keep you cool while keeping you looking cool. Can you get the comfort and style you need?

Fitness Trackers: Fitness Junkie Wearable or As Seen on TV Junk?

Will that shiny new fitness tracker really help you get over the exercise hump and turn you into a fitness GOD...or will it just end up in a drawer collecting dust?

Dual-Screen Phones: Evolution or Destined for the Junk Pile?

Duel screen phones provide the allure of increases in productivity and more entertainment options. Problem is, will they work, or will they become a piece of trash.

The Best Laptops That Ship with Linux

With more manufacturers than ever advertising laptops with Linux pre-installed, here are some great alternatives for both technical and everyday users.

Ring Security Drone: In-Home Security Threat or Peace of Mind?

Is Amazon's Ring security drone real? How does it work? Is this a hackers entry point to your home, or is it a generational leap towards in-home security?

AMD vs Nvidia Smackdown

Throughout the years, the battle for PC Graphic Card supremacy has been fought largely by Nvidia & AMD. We analyzed, played, and have declared a winner!

Coffee Facts for Coffee Lovers

  Coffee – One of the most popular drinks in the world is what almost everyone needs to kick start a busy day. For some reasons, coffee seems to fix almost everything – including a bad day. That may explain why it’s so hard to get through the day without having a cup of it