This contortionist is so flexy it hurts just to look at what she can do

Russian-born Zlata, 27, can contort herself into the most extreme poses imaginable and has posed for 12 wonderfully weird shots for each month of the year. The former gymnast, who is 5ft 8in, makes every shot an opportunity to show off her suppleness. Scroll down for video Zlata, whose real name is Julia Gunthel, is

The Sleep Habits and Literary Productivity of Famous Writers

We tend to wonder about the daily routine of great writers. Did they spend countless sleepless nights at their desk waiting for inspiration? Or had a routine similar to a regular 9-5 job? Or is waking up at 11AM the secret to being productive? This infographic by neatly sums up the work and sleep

You won’t believe what’s at the end of the world’s dangerous hike

How far are you willing to go? Are you willing to risk everything? For the truly adventurous minded there is no question that this journey – to mount Hua in China – is a must. It is the world’s most dangerous hike and every bit of it is spectacular – including the end. Here is

What your favorite drink looks like under a microscope

Are you seeing strange colors after one too many vodka shots? You may not be hallucinating after all. In 1992, a research scientist named Michael Davidson stumbled upon a genius idea right under his nose – literally. In his 25 year career through the many facets of microscopy, he had taken photographs under the microscope of a

Famous People When They Were Young

We wonder about the personal histories of famous people . How were they like as kids? How did they become famous? Did they struggle? Sometimes looking at their pic from way before they became famous can provide more insight than reading any biography. Have a look at these images – some of the people here

Superheroes and their Families

We don’t always think about the more personal side of the life of superheroes, but in some ways they are just humans too – for example in their relationship with their loved ones. Created byAndry Rajoelina .

Drag Queens Before and After

‘Half-Drag’ is a project by photographer Leland Bobbé. It is a fascinating series of portraits that examine the idea of gender fluidity by showing New York City drag queens in half-drag. Bobbe says the project allowed him an insight into how drag queens see the relationship between themselves and their alter ego:  “One thing I found interesting

13 Slightly Confused Animals

It’s not very nice to make fun of helpless animals. Or is it? Well it’s all done with love…

This Video Shows That Animals Are Human Too!

Well maybe not actually ‘human’ human but you know, that they have very human like qualities. Chimpanzees are self aware, an octopus might wink at you, an elephant mourns his dead kinfolk and more.    

Woman Has Ears Altered To Look Like Elf Ears

The best Christmas story of the season: a 23-year-old Canadian model  has had her ears surgically modified to look like the mythical creature’s. Melynda Moon decided to get an operation that would make her ears look like a character from her favorite book series, “Lord of the Rings.” “The elegance of the elf ear is something I