Top 10 Amazing Abandoned Places

Ghost City and Ghost Town are two well-known names for those who seek interest in apocalyptic or abandoned places. Here is the list of top 10 amazing places that were abandoned because of natural or human-caused disasters. Many places were desolated due to unavailability of linking roads, transport or depletion of natural resources etc. Whatever

Top 10 Strangest Micronations

When considering small countries, places like Vatican, Monaco, and Luxembourg often come to mind. But these countries are  very big compared to some of the less known “micronations” scattered across the globe. These micro-states that can just be an acre small are formed to fulfill a variety of purposes: from artistic and political protest, to

Top 10 Technological Failures of 2012

Many advancements and developments were seen in the world of technology during 2012. Advancements in technology played a vital role in nearly every field; cell phones came to the market with lot more features, social media was used not just for social networking but also for other purposes like election campaigns etc. Along with the

Top 10 Google Projects that Failed

No matter we are talking about new technology inventions or innovations in the existing ones, Google is no doubt a global giant. Everyone is familiar with Google search engine but its Android OS along with Chrome browser and smartphones are some of the many examples that have changed the fortunes of the company. Keeping aside

Top Ten 3D Printer Machines

With the advancements in technology, many unimaginable things are now within the reach of a common man. 3D printers are one of those machines, which can build solid objects. They are not easy to buy or operate; furthermore, the filament used in most of the printers costs about $70 per KG and is sold in

Top 10 Most Dangerous Competitions Around The World

If we compare today’s sports with ancient competitions, we realize that today’s sports are relatively safe and are governed by a set of humane rules. Not only the players are heavily padded but also spectators are kept at a far off distance. Even the combat type sports are not life threatening. However, there are some

Top 10 Places To Go Before You Die

If you ask people to make a list of places they want to visit, everyone will write down different places from all over the world. Some may prefer historical places while others may like adventurous places. Some may like calm peaceful places while others may like places full of fun and hip-hop. Today we will

Top 10 Ways to harness the Nature’s Power

Looking at the consumption rate of major fossil fuels like natural gas, wood etc, it is foreseen that there may be a shortfall of natural resources in the next 75 years. Keeping in view the statistics, developers and engineers are expected to create alternate and more sustainable energy resources, as these are the essential to

Top 10 Household Appliances And Their Surprising Uses

Many appliances in your home are used for one purpose only. Most of the people are not able to perform any other activity with them except for the purpose they are manufactured for. However, Brilliant minds have found alternate uses of everyday use devices that you use now and then. 10. The Microwave Oven dries

Top 10 Lies Taught To Us in School

A school is a place that teaches knowledge, prepares children for their professional life and enables them to compete with the challenges they may face in future but sometimes, part of the information is not true. Here is a list of top 10 lies which are taught in the schools. 10. The Blue color of