10 Monumental Military Campaigns

From ancient battles to modern warfare – here are some of the most terrifying and history-altering military campaigns humans have suffered through. All of these battles had far reaching historical repercussions, and they also had a strong strategic dimension –  the outcome was often the result of cunning and willpower rather than brute force overpowering

Top 10 Wikimoments

Wikipedia, “The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit”. It’s not just the motto, it really is. Here you go with top 10 Wikimoments of life time. 10. Wikimania Meetups Begin It is thought widely that that Wikipedia is written, edited and maintained by all who use it. But the truth is, it’s a dedicated group

Top 10 Myths That Are Not Myths

Myths usually have their origin from the land of Greeks. The distinction between myth, legend, and folk-tale is simply a tool for grouping traditional stories. Check out some of the modern world myths that are actually true! 10. A Large percentage of U.S. Currency Contains Cocaine Well several studies have shown that US dollar bills are

Top 10 Stunning & Beautiful Castles

Castles were the pride of every king and every nation in medieval ages. Today we show you the top 10 most beautiful castles of prehistoric ages. 10. Versailles Palace The Versailles Palace is an architectural gemstone of Europe. This folk tale fortress is certainly one of the most impressive art displays in the world. In

Top 10 Unusual Bridges Of The World

It’s the civil engineering at its best; Today we have listed down the top 10 unusual and most startling bridge designs. 10. Bridge of Moses, Netherlands, 2011 The bridge is approximately totally sunken in water so that the pedestrian deck is below water level. From a distance it is invisible and only emerges when approaching

Top 10 Slowest Sports Cars

Today we have decided to present some of the supercars that actually failed on race tracks. This surely is one interesting story for all the sports car fans. 10) Ferrari Mondial 1980 The Mondial had a mid-engine V8 from the sporty 308, but in a bigger, heavier, floppier body. Even the renowned Italian sports car

Top 10 Artificial Technologies That Can Make Up Human Organs

Medicine has had huge progress in recent years thanks to cutting edge advancement in science. Today we present to you Top 10 Artificial Technologies That Can Make Up Human Organs. 10. Artificial Wombs Scientists are trying hard to develop working artificial wombs in which embryos can be cultivated outside a woman’s body. Recent experiments have been

Top 10 Awesome Structures

Buildings and Structural designs have climbed to an innovative height in general, with great minds working towards constructing a greener planet with spectacular buildings.  Today we present you the Top 10 Magnificent Structures the world: 10:  Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands Cube houses, is a group of revolutionary houses built in Rotterdam and Helmond in The

World’s Most Colossal Construction Machinery

The largest construction works require paramount, unsurpassed engineering techniques and to accomplish them, world has built colossal machines capable of doing task at a very high rate. Today we enlist them as under: World’s largest Clam Shell Dredger American Mechanical Dredge, which is owned by Damen Group in the Netherlands, says it is constructing what

Top 10 Cosmetic Surgeries

What do you mean by cosmetic surgery? Well at first I was of the view that it could be any sort of operation involved in improving one’s facial appearance or any sort of practice which enhances the physical appearance of a person. But hang on a bit, the term “physical appearance” is not only limited