This Smart Helmet Is The Most Amazing Helment You Will Ever See

An ingenious new type of motorcycle helmet has been developed by Russian start-up company, LiveMap. It is hoping to raise US $150,000 by July 12 through crowd-funding site, Indiegogo in order for it to be able to bring the state-of-the-art helmet to market by August 2014. ‘$2000!’ I hear you shout. Yes, that’s right –

10 Early Versions of Everyday Technology

The earliest models of common technologies hold just as much similarity to their present incarnations as the first ever functioning telephone does with an iPhone. The advancement in technology has been so fast that it has made us forget how different the prototypes looked when the technology was first introduced. 10. Plasma Display Don Bitzer,

10 fictional Inventions we’d love to see in real life

Scientific inventions always begin as nothing but a bizarre idea. In fact, most of the machinery and devices in use by us today were once a mere suggestion in some sci-fi novel. However, not everything mentioned in those science novels made its way to the production phase – here we are with ten of such

10 Old Cars Features Which were Awesome

Think back on the cars of the 70’s and 80’s (or even earlier decades). You probably picture one those bulky cars associated with that period. But these long forgotten cars were actually much cooler than we make them out to be. Check out a few vintage examples from that era and you’d be able to

10 ways 3D movies changed the film industry

Screening movies in 3D is an idea that has been floating around and has been resurfacing again and again since the 50’s has finally found its market . But this recent technological revival has influenced a number of changes across the movie industry, changes that will have an effect on your movie going experience even

Stay away – 10 ghost planes, cars and trains

While most of these sightings are ruled out as urban legends, one cannot deny that such mysteries sure spike our interest. So we have made a list of ghost ships from land and air. 10. Eastern Airlines Flight 401 At number 10 we have a tragic air crash that happened in December, 1972. The Eastern

12 ways science will make your life easier

Don’t you just wish you could solve all your  problems by plopping some fancy gadget, Batman style? The sad news is you not Batman, sorry. The good news is there are people, intelligent people, who work to come up with gadgets that can make at least some of your problems go away. 12. Speechjammer For those

Mysteries (Un)explained! 10 supernatural phenomena science has not debunked

The universe, as a whole, is a mystery for us and mankind has been trying to solve these mysteries for quite some time now. These mysteries range from mysterious creatures to paranormal phenomena.  There’s no limit to them. 10. Myakka Skunk Ape The beast is a primate that is believed to be living around Florida.

Top 10 challenges of living in space

It may very well be the case that in the future we will all move to space. Many of us still see it as a dream, though there are people who have lived this dream thanks to space exploration missions. These people have had to adopt to a very different way of life. Here are

10 video game fantasies that have become reality

Anyone who played first person shooters (or any genre of video game really) might scoff at the idea that what happens there has any connection to real life action. Power ups? Unlimited extra lives? Instant healing? Keep on dreaming. Well some of this is now actually becoming reality. See below for these 10 video game