How to check data storage availability on iPad or iPhone

In iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can check the storage availability and that helps you in various ways. When you want to install or add some applications, save videos or photos, you need memory in your phone. If you are running out of space that means you will not be able to perform these

How to sync unread tweets in iPhone and iPad

There are many users who want to know about sync unread tweets between iPad and iPhone and looking for an application for this purpose. There have been number of advancements and updates in iOS devices which make their use special day by day. You can work around many things by using these products. These devices

How to run Mac OS on iPhone

It sounds strange to run a Mac OS on iPhone, iPad or on iPod touch, but it is possible to run a classic Mac OS on iPhone. Macintosh Plus is required to run Mac on iOS device directly. You need to have a jail broken iPhone or iPod touch, Mac plus ROM image, mini vMac

How to use wingdings and emoji into iOS Folder Labels

Different advancements have been made in iOS to make it more attractive and beautiful. One of them is to use wingdings and emoji to iOS folders. You can use them to folder labels to make it interactive and good looking. Wingdings can be used in folder labels and emoji can be used as an icon

How to add or remove apps from notification center in iOS

You can install as many application as you wan tin your iOS devices. When you install them they can slow down your device but at same time, they give you a wide range of facilities and functionalities. If you use these applications, they show up in notification center. All of these applications make notification center

How to access iPhone equalizer

There are different settings set as default for iPhone audio and you can change and adjust these settings from iPhone equalizer. If you feel current audio settings are not right choice for your song, you should use iPhone equalizer that has number of audio adjustment options. IPhone equalizer is not something like slide bars showing

How to backup Mac OS X address book

The address book for Mac OS X is very important thing due to large amount of information it stores inside. All this important information which you do not want to lose at any cost can be at risk when you want to update your device. When you are going to make changes in device, sync

Here is the solution if iPhone freezes

Apple has made significant approach towards the sale of iPhone, and this product has got more and more customer, and those users belong to different classes of society. Some of them using it for very basic use, but most of them use it at broad level by using advanced applications in it. This smart phone

Hide YouTube, Safari, and Other Default App Icons in iOS 5

If the user has never used the YouTube app, it will be quickly disabled. This method is more preferable than just stuffing it into a folder with other default apps you don’t use.Users can also find some core iOS features which can be disabled in the menu, including things like Ping, iTunes and the ability

Hiding the Mails in iOS 5 from the Lock Screen

By doing this minor change it will stop email sender and subject from being shown on the lock screen. User can also disable the icon being displayed at the top of the screen as well only he needs to select “None” option in the three side-by-side options at the top of that same settings screen.