TV Series Mistakes – Another Reason Engineers Should Make Movies

Engineers have a great attention to detail. Here are some funny mistakes found it various TV series – Pretty sure these could have been avoided if an engineer was directing them 🙂                                              

45 Award Winning Mind Blowing Photographs of The Decade

Here are some of the most amazing award winning photographs of the decade. Even if you have a hefty wallet full of credit cards and money, not everyone can experience these moments in real life.

50 Best Photoshop Manipulated Photographs Ever

Everyday we come across photo-shopped images on internet. Today we have compiled 50 of the best Photoshop manipulated photographs ever. Scroll down and enjoy  

Zimbabwe the Land of Poor Millionaires

Due to the country’s hyperinflation rate of over 231,000,000% a year, the financial authorities were forced to release larger and larger bills in order to help people buy the simplest things without carrying bricks of bills with them. When the $10,000,000 bill was released early this year, it was worth about $4 US, but it

10 Smart People Who Did Really Dumb Things

Do you have a friend who’s super smart, but when it comes to street smarts he’s … let’s say “lacking”? Even the smartest people pull dumb moves sometimes, and for some reason it’s extra surprising and disappointing when a smart person screws up. How could that president or general carry on an affair knowing it

25 “Shut Up and Take My Money” Gadgets and Accessories

25. Mini Doughnut Factory 24. Wooden iPhone Camera Case 23. Sports Notepaper 22. Credit Card Guitar Pick Maker 21. Mini USB Camera 20. All-in-One Breakfast Machine 19. Tree Branch Bookshelf 18. Rocking Wheel Chair 17. Cookie Pillow 16. Sofa Pool Table 15. Book Chair 14. Tetris Post-it Notes 13. Toilet Water Bowl 12. Glass Coca-Cola