Then and Now: A Creative Flashback to Paris During Nazi Occupation

The city of Paris is synonymous with its very well known iconic landmarks, packed with a lot of history within its pillars and even more stories to tell throughout the decades. Ever wondered how it looked during one of its most tumultuous times? French art director Julien Knez shows us a sneak peek into Paris

Guy Invents “The Shoe That Grows” to Help Millions of Poor Children

The simplest of innovations can truly make big contributions to the society. Such is the premise of The Shoe That Grows, which is a sandal that, as its name suggests, can adjust its size to at least 5 sizes bigger and is durable and sturdy enough to last for up to 5 years as well.

See Nepal’s Historic Sites Before & After The Massive Earthquake

Just last Saturday, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu was hit by a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake that took the lives of almost 5000 people and affected the lives of about 6.6 million people. People are left homeless and in dire states as the earthquake shook the country, which was not built to withstand such massive quake. Furthermore, Mount

The Blind Muslim Trust Experiment Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

With all the negative news impacting how people all around the world see muslims, it’s just a breath of fresh air to see a change for once. In the Blind Muslim Trust Experiment, a blindfolded muslim stands in the middle of the streets waiting for hugs from random strangers. So far, it was done and documented

Photographer Interrupts Mating Tortoises and Something Surprising Happens

Nature is truly an interesting thing. You just never know what to expect while exploring. And for National Geographic reporter, Paul Rose, he definitely learned it the hard–but slightly hilarious–way. While filming on an island north of Madagascar, he heard some kind of “pushing, blowing kind of sound” from the bushes. Rose was rather surprised

Meet the Radioactive Man Who Returned to Fukushima For the Animals

Much has been said about the human lives affected by the Fukushima disaster in Japan. However, there’s also another population that’s left to fend for themselves in the wake of the disaster and these are the animals that were left behind in the radioactive exclusion zone. It’s a blessing indeed that one man didn’t forget

Disturbing Photo Series Conveys What PTSD Is Really Like for Veterans

PTSD has long been a serious condition when it comes to veterans. A recent study even showed that around 22 veterans commit suicide every day–meaning that this issue should be more relevant and given attention to now more than ever. Them coming back doesn’t mean that the war is over, for they have a new

Skeletons Moving On Screen Surprise Crowd With Relevant Message

“Before anything else, we are all human. It’s time to embrace diversity. Let’s put aside labels in the name of love.” Everyday in the news, we hear so much negativity with regards to discrimination and prejudice–whether it relates to gender, religion, race, class, age, and whatnot. In light of these issues, a non-profit group launched

Watch How Young Boys React When Asked to Slap A Girl

More and more people are holding social experiments to convey some of the most relevant issues within the society today. Such is the case for, an Italian news company, as they conducted a little social experiment with the main question: “What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to

See How One Guy Lives in a 258 Square Foot Apartment

Would you be able to live in a 258-square-foot apartment? Apparently, this guy can make it work–and in a very awesome and modern way. Christian Schallert is a Barcelona-based photographer who lives in a 24-square-meter (258 square feet) apartment in the Born district located in Barcelona, Spain. How does he do it? He, together with architect