How the AK-47 Evolved over Time

A Russian build fine weapon built in back at 1943. Design and build at the last year of WWII. It was made by the Russians to encounter the heavy forces of Germans. Mikhail Kalashnikov was the person behind the designing ideas of AK-47. It was also supposed that Mikhail stole most of the design from the SKS.

Existing Concept Cars!

Innovation always leads to creation. And the Future is where you dream. Automobile companies have been doing the same for the past decade. A time was when the wheel was created, and now you there a millions of cars manufactured each year. The future of the cars breath in a world of creativity and thinking.

Top 10 Inventions In 2011

Before the 2011 leaves us and we step in a new year lets see what the last year gave us. Talking about the top 10 inventions that had been put in front of the world in 2011, of course they set to be an inspiration for the competing Engineering developers who tend to do even

Android Gaming Tablet Heads Your Way

Fan of Android Games? Well there is a stuff out there for the people having taste for Android gaming. JXD announced its new born gaming gadget JXD S7100. The company always used to assemble first copy products like PSP or portable gadgets. JXD has never been bad in catching different features from different good companies and

Bicycle Robots!

Murata had been famous for bringing lives to robots considering the facts that they do the same things as human do which could either way be used to amuse or assist people. Where by Murata had really impressed a lot of people out their by their Murata bicycle Robot and Murata girl. People got amused

Kindle Fire Running Android 4.0

Kindle Fire is now a days very a popular tablet due to its lesser cost and all tablet acquired features. The demand of the tablet has raised its reputation in market and marketers, and forced them to consider Amazon kindle fire option as their first priority. Since the tablet costs you $199 rather then other

Brushing Teeth And Diagnosing Problem Made Easy!

How many of you brush your their teeth twice or thrice a day but still get some plague or gums problems? It looks awkward to you when you can’t find any plague but you are feeling the pain at the same time. Well a concept for making out things easy is done by using a Smart tooth

My Robot Made Me A Coffee!

How good it would be while you are in kitchen, And you little Robot makes a coffee for you! Sounds like fun! Isn’t it? Well a Japanese Person nicknamed Clockwork is a intense fan of robotics and manga culture who is really inspired to work for the ease and effort for people by his keen interest to

Volkswagen Beetle Got Converted To Classic Porsche!

What else can you imagine for your wedding day? The best gift made for your life by your own self! Since childhood Megan Ashton always wanted the classic Porsche 356 but the dream couldn’t fulfill Megan eyes due to the expensive cost of Porsche. The time of her life was when she turned her old Volkswagen Beetle

This Year’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree!

This Years Christmas was made special by the Japanese for making the most expensive Christmas tree. The Japanese famous jeweler “Ginza Tanaka” who already designed a 24 carat Gold Horse for the Japan’s new born prince made this time a pure Gold tree making it out to be the world’s most expensive Christmas tree yet.