Adobe Adds iOS And Playbook Support To Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5.1 platform can now be used by programmers all across the world to develop applications for iOS devices, such as iPad and iPhone, as well as for the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The new functionality was announced on the company’s official blog, where Adobe Product Marketing Manager Puneet Goel unveiled that App Store software could be

Could Nuclear Bomb Be Stolen?

Right Since the moment the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place, the argument on the safety and security of nuclear bombs has come into the lime light and this concern is only growing with time as more and more nations are taking interest in becoming a nuclear state. After the Cold War between U.S. and

Apple’s 12-Day Free Download Promo In Canada And Europe

Apple is once again back with its Christmas app offer. As in previous years, Apple has offered 12 days promotion starting from 26th December till 6th January. The promotion offers music videos, free songs, ebooks and apps. This promotion is only for Canada and selected parts of Europe. Moreover, 12 day Christmas app is only

Amazon Imitates Apple With A 12-Day Giveaway Deal

Catching up with Apple, Amazon UK has come up with a similar 12-day giveaway deal.  The deal offers ebooks on a very low price, sometimes as low as under £3. It concentrates primarily on award winning and in demand novels. Similar to Apple’s 12 day deal, Amazon’s deal is also valid till 6th January. No such

HBH Bulldog GT: An Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Aston Martin V12 Vantage has been given a new look by a Danish firm HBH and HBH Bulldog GT is the name given to it. The car has been equipped with a 6.0 litre engine that is capable of delivering 548 lb-ft of torque taking the car to a top speed of 186 mph. Bulldog GT is

Laser Beam Weapons: An Emerging Threat

For many years, laser beam weapons have stayed the focal point of science fiction. If fiction is based on facts, it becomes less improbable as the time progresses. The same has occurred with laser in both of its roles of improvised weaponry and hardcore laser weapon. It has been reported that the chances of laser

Lethal But Legal Weapons

If you are too young to have a gun, we have a solution for this problem of yours. Below you would find some deadly yet mostly legal weapons. The best part about these weapons is that you could easily carry them along to anywhere you go generally because of their small sizes and disguised look.

Report: Audi R8 Facelift To Debut In 2012

2012 might be the year to see the biggest update to the Audi R8 supercar. According to recent reports, a facelift version of the sports car is in the planning. While a second-generation R8 is believed to be launched in 2014, this happens to be the first time that an update version has been reported. Rumor

Best Buy: Buy One 32 GB iPhone 4 And Get Another For Free

Best buy introduced a unique but attractive buy one get one free promo for iPhone on this Saturday. Subscribers who bought 32GB iPhone 4 with contract of $200 were offered another iPhone for free. The only requisite was both the iPhones have to be on same carrier like AT&T or Verizon. Other stores like Radio

Apple’s Users Spend 19% More On Shopping Online Than Android’s

RichRelevance, a retail customization firm, conducted a non-orthodox deep research about different mobile users’ online shopping behavior this week. Study reveals that iPhone and iPad users spend more on the content online than they spend on mobile actually. 3.4billion online shopping transactions were monitored between April and December; about 92% mobile visits were from users