Nintendo Bets On Mario’s Odessey

Mario has been the face of Nintendo for decades. Throughout the years, the world’s most famous plumber has taken countless adventures. However, despite Mario’s extensive video game history, he is still as beloved and relevant as ever. This is thanks to the creative minds of the successful Japanese company. The key to this success has

Lego Launches ‘Women of NASA’ Set

Lego has been looking for new ideas for their kit sets. For this reason, they launched Lego Ideas. This platform allows users to submit their unique ideas and concepts for Lego sets. After gaining the support of voters, Lego judges would review the idea and decide to approve it for production or not. This year,

Introducing the IPhone X

The first IPhone was a revolutionary smartphone brought to us by Apple that changed the industry forever. Love it or hate it, the Iphone came to stay. Now, ten years later, Apple is bringing the IPhone X. This new IPhone doesn’t even have a “home” button and it promises to revolutionize the tech industry once

Japan: Facts You Might Not Know

Japan is a very interesting and peculiar country with a unique feel to it. Roaming around it’s cities would make you feel as if you were time traveling. Modern cities like Tokyo contain some of the most advanced technological systems in the world. Meanwhile, not far away from them, you could find ancient temples and

Twistron: Revolutionary Energy Fiber

One of the most pressing issues the world confronts today is the management and production of energy. In such a modernized world with staggering population numbers, it is of great importance to develop ways to bring energy to everybody in more efficient manners. Furthermore, global warming and environmental pollution call for cleaner and safer ways

Ancient Egypt: Curious Facts

Ancient Egypt is full of history. This civilization, born on the North of Africa, is responsible for many things that define peoples way of life even in these modern times. It’s rich mythology and legends give us a marvelous, perhaps even surreal, perception of Egypt. However, we don’t necessarily have to get into the fantasy

Curious Facts About The Moon

The Moon is a satellite that has always captivated mankind. It is essential for our war of life and it has been subject of countless poems and metaphors. For this reason, the moon is always present, one way or another, in our consciousness. However, did you know the following curious facts about Earth´s friend?

Da Vinci: His Most Curious Designs

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the most renown inventors in human history. For this reason there has been countless books, documentaries and shows about his life and legacy. Most recently, it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio will play as the Italian artist in an upcoming Hollywood film. For this reason, it seems like a

Marvel’s The Defenders Finally Arrive

In the year 2015, Marvel’s and Netflix’s partnership gave us their first product. It was the first season of the hit series, Daredevil. This series brought a refreshing touch of maturity and grittiness to the already popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition to this, the series received generally good reviews praising it’s themes and a

Meet the World’s Biggest Dinosaur

Out of all those gigantic and impressive dinosaurs we know, there is one that we have always envisioned as the king, the T-Rex. However, four years ago scientist discovered a dinosaur so big, it’s more than what a T-Rex can chew. Now, that peculiar dinosaur has a name: The Patagotitan.