How to Download and Install MAME on Your Computer

Currently, more and more connoisseurs of retro arcade games choose MAME, a multiple arcade machine emulator. This program makes it possible for you to run classic arcade games on your Windows computer even without having a physical console. MAME reliability and functionality have been approved of and verified by lots of users. Therefore, it remains one of the most frequently downloaded and utilized arcade emulators available in the Internet.

Downloading and Installing MAME

We suggest visiting the MAME official website to get the program. The site always has the latest releases and necessary updates for its product.

Of course, you may find and download the emulator from elsewhere. Still, in such a case, you can’t be sure that you’re getting completely safe software. Be choosy and never get any soft from non-reputable third-party sources to save your comp from any possible damage.

Once you are on the website, find the latest available link and follow it. Make sure to select the version of the emulator that will be compatible with your Windows system. After that, save the downloaded compressed file to your desktop.

The next step will be extracting the necessary files from the emulator. To do it, navigate to the desktop and click on the archived file. When the extraction process is complete, it will be necessary to choose the folder you want to save the program to.

Creating a new folder and name it according to the content you want to store in it (e.g. MAME).

Getting ROMs for the Emulator

You will also need to get the games to run on your new emulator. Such games are called ROMs. They represent images of the games or cartridges you once used to play on a console. MAME site has lots of approved ROMs you can use to play on the downloaded emulator. Therefore, we recommend using its services.

Upon downloading the desired game, choose the option to extract the content of MAME ROMs download to the default “ROMs” folder. (You don’t need to bother creating this folder, since the system does it automatically).

After that, you will need to hold down the “Shift” button and right-click on the folder.

In the emulator, avail yourself of the “Open Command Window Here” option. It is necessary to use command prompt to start playing the downloaded games.

Then, you will need to type the name of our emulator and follow it up with the name of the folder containing the extracted content of your games. As a result, you will have something like “mame supermario” (provided that you have downloaded Super Mario, of course).

Once you are done, don’t hesitate to press Enter. By doing so, you will prompt your game to load and display on-screen.

Configuring Keys

It is always up to you to decide how to control your game. Therefore, developers of emulators provide you with an opportunity to remap the keys according to your liking. Suffice it to press Tab and get into the configuration menu, from where you will be able to select the buttons to control your game. Still, if you are reluctant to tinker with settings, you always can take advantage of the default configuration options.

Once you are done with configuring, start your MAME, select your favorite game from it, and head straight into the magical word of arcade adventures!




The Emerging Smartphone Technologies

The rapid advancement in smartphone technologies have changed –and still, continues with sheer pace and with unpredictable results. The way workers and the smartphone industry is functioning, there is no doubt that the emerging in smartphone technologies have more to do within few upcoming years.

Over the last few years, the smartphone industry has competed on hardware and as well as on price. Let’s discuss the emerging smartphone technologies.

Technology that will shape Visual effects of cell phone

Cell phone users spend a lot of time on phone’s screen, but the on appearance and as well as o visual effects nothing has done over the last few years. Let’s discuss the technologies that will change in future.

HDR Display of screen

Present day smartphones are not able to display the image of car lamps or light.

The minimum range of (LDR) display is the bad sense of reality. HDR will be a major breakthrough in displaying the technology. It will give users a real image and you will feel a real way of sun light reflecting in the display.

The JDI has created an LCD display module with HDR support.

Flexible Materials

The modern cell phones screen broke down when you have to drop your phone on the hard floor and you have no way out but to change the phone screen or repair it in another way.

But, the emergence in the smartphone technology is now producing such a flexible material of the cell phone screen that would not breakable at all due to the presence of flexible material in the screen of a cell phone.

Removing Antenna Breaks

The Apple is using the antenna lines over the years since they have launched the iPhone 4. No matter these do not seem fascinating but provide a user signals the otherwise all-metal casing of a phone.

In present times, the emergence of smartphone technologies has come up with the plans to remove these antennas from the cell phone; to make it looks fascinating and attractive to the user.

Hiding Sensors

The cell phone devices are android and IOS usually got sensors on the side of the camera in a tiny shape. It has become the factor of decreasing the visual appeal of the smartphone.

It basically captures in real time when taking the selfies. Modern technology is going to hide these tiny sensors from the selfie camera to bring more attraction in the upcoming cell phones.

Emerging phone technology will change function & performance


Emerging smartphone technology has developed in photography, battery life, charging pace and interaction experiences.

Revolution in photography

The photography through the smartphone is quite better at the moment, but with the emergence of smartphone technology, it is going to be more advanced.

The contemporary cell phones are still not up to the mark and lacking with the number of things such as fixed focal length, night photography is not as good we expect and to zoom in and zoom out.

But in future, we will see a new revolution in the photography with greater pixels and the improvements in night photography with flashes.

Battery Life

The modern cell phones are rich of features, but when it comes to the usage of the cell phone, its battery start declining and we have to recharge the phone within few hours.

The latest emergence of cell phone technology is going to be very effective in terms of battery power of cell phone. The latest cell phone batteries are more powerful and will come up with nanotechnology, graphene technology and with new material.

Cell phone charging

Yeah, it is quite reasonable to charge a phone within a couple of hours these days,

but it is still a real problem for the users to charge the cell phone battery within a minutes.

The new upcoming faster chargers will come up with at least 20 watts.

The cell phones will be chargeable half of the battery within 20 minutes or less.

Interaction Experience

The pressure sensitive screens were fixed in android cell phones a couple of years ago,

but a majority of the cases apps have not added on pressure-based interaction.

If you really want to take advantages 3D touch support for both applications and the operating system.

The upcoming devices interaction will be up to the mark and user will have real-life experience view in the display of the cell phones.

The emerging technologies for smartphones

Cell phone based –VR

The upcoming cell phones will be based on virtual reality and will have the head-mounted display.

The VR technology will surely express the fascinating experience for the users.

Either the computing pace or the graphics acceleration is not supported a high-quality VR experience. The latest phones will be integrated with Virtual reality technology in the upcoming cell phones.

 Phones with Foldable Screens

Flexible screen cell phones have already come up in the market, but the phone with the foldable screen has yet to come. The upcoming cell phones will have foldable feature.

Smartphone with medical facilities & others

Vapor case has introduced a phone that you can smoke; a phone has an advantage of cell phone and e-cigarette and helps you to leave the bad habit of smoking.

However, the phones will have the fingerprint scanner, screen recognition, and fingerprint recognition functionality to the screen.


The emerging smartphone technologies is continuously changing the experience of cell phone and the is about to come when smartphone will become a tech-wizard.

Top 5 Kickstarters for the tech-obsessed urban warrior

Sure, the wilderness is tough, but the urban wilderness? It can be brutal. Luckily, these five Kickstarter projects are here to make life in the city just a little bit better. From a leather bag that holds everything like magic to a hydroponic grow system that grows greens with no green thumb, conquer your urban world with these five great innovations you won’t want to miss.

1. Nisnas Vortex Shadow sling bag:

 Start your next adventure with the right partner

The Vortex Shadow is about to change the bag game forever. It’s slim,    yet holds all the gear you need for a day’s adventure. Bring your phone, tablet, camera, water bottle, books, keys, headphones, and multi-tool along. The Vortex Shadow can handle it all while still keeping its shape and making you look great. And the full-grain leather and handmade design means you’ll always be looking good while carrying it.

For the Vortex Shadow Kickstarter page click here


2. Caply Mini Wearable Camera:

Capture every memorable moment with this tiny camera

The world becomes your lens with the Caply camera. This mini wearable camera packs a big punch, recording up to five hours of video and outlasting even the most well-charged iPhone. You can bring it anywhere because this thing is small but mighty – this screen won’t crack. Capture your life, your way. And it fits nicely in one of Vortex Shadow’s many pockets too.       

For the Caply Camera Kickstarter page click here


 3. GroBox One:

 Start a garden in your apartment, no green thumb required


Maybe you don’t have the best green thumb or even any outdoor space for a garden. With this product, neither of those things matter. GroBox One is the idiot-proof all-in-one hydroponic greenhouse that’ll turn your studio apartment into a thriving nursery. You don’t even need soil.

For the GroBox Kickstarter page click here


  4. Consolidate your cordage with HyperDrive:

8-in-1 USB Hub + Wireless Charger


There are too many cords to connect these days. With this handy device, you can now connect them all to one convenient place. Oh, and it also charges your iPhone wirelessly if you just place it on top.  So it’s really 9-in-1 if you think about it. It’s something you’ll want to have on handy at all times. It’s small, so it fits great inside your Vortex Shadow bag too.

For the HyperDrive Kickstarter page click here

 5. Slip into something MOST comfortable:
The Sento Bathrobe and Slippers


When you’re not out exploring, you want to be comfy at home, Netflix and chilling in style. But most bathrobes are just horrid. Not this one. Sento Bathrobes transport you to a luxury vacation inside your own home. There are slippers too that’ll make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

For the Sento Bathrobe Kickstarter page click here



These Kickstarter creations are all happening right now, so if you’d like to see them come to life, you should probably support their pages now. Some of them even have delivery guarantees (like the Vortex Shadow bag). Combined, these 5 innovations are sure to up your urban game for good.

How Will The Culture Evolve On Mars Colonies?

Well, the question of all time asks if there is life on Mars. But, we can answer another question.

Is it possible for humans to survive on Mars? And the answer will be, probably, positive.

As you know, humanity is obsessed with theories about colonies on a distant but attractive planet.

And modern technologies bring us closer and closer to every new day to that moment when the foot of the first human will step on Mars. However,

it has not happened yet, and we have some more theories to think about.

Our destiny

As you know, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk are those people who try their hard to make Mars colonization happen in the nearest future.

According to their speeches, colonization of other planets will help humanity to save our population and get more resources that we already have on our native planet.

10 People Who Clearly Don’t Care About Your Rules

There are rules and standards set almost everywhere we go. We see them on public walls, on the lawn at the park, as we walk on sidewalks, and even in bathrooms. There are some rules that we truly need, but there are just some that we just really have to question. This includes the rule in the bathroom, on the paper towel dispenser that says you have to pull the towel with your two hands; and the rule that says you shouldn’t step on the grass.

Some of us aren’t afraid to break loose from the chains of these ridiculous rules and we dare to stand right by the rule sign and do exactly what we told not to. They show how much they aren’t afraid to rebel against these absurd standards. Check out this list of photos that these rebel have shared on the internet of their moment when they just had enough of silly rules.


1. A stapler from inventory was taken around the world by employees


Gadgets and other gizmos have become an inherent part of modern existence. If you thought you’ve seen it all when it comes to cool inventions, think again! At the 2015 CES show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, weird gadgets and strange contraptions were the stars of the show. Many of them would surely make you do a double turn!
Following are some of the weird gadgets in a list chosen via a study conducted by the folks at

Fat Belt
This is a smart belt that informs you about weight gain. It has built-in motors that will loosen the belt if you waistline is expanding. These motors act like an indirect messaging system, reminding you to slow down at the dinner table and hit the gym ASAP! If you have a problem with self-control, you will definitely enjoy the Fat Belt!

Breo Eye Massager
Ever experience the tired-eye syndrome? With this revolutionary eye massager that you can simply slip on, the tired eyes will be soothed in no time. With a combined action of air pressure, infrared heat and vibrations, the eye massager will either lull you to sleep or energize you.

O2 Chair
This is a breathing chair designed by Innovzen with the sole purpose of helping you relax. A small device rests under your nose and releases oxygen while you breathe. The chair also shifts up and down, encouraging deep breathing. This is a perfect gadget for high-occupations, but don’t make the mistake of relaxing too much!

Communication Android
Meet Chihira Aico. The creepiest robot you will ever meet, designed by Toshiba. If you glanced at this robo-lady, you wouldn’t think anything of it, but when passing her by, you might hear her singing “What a wonderful world”. Chihira Aico also displays emotions, facial expressions and makes communication signals similar to a human being, i.e. hand waving. She is a perfect gadget for someone who is looking for a partner, not a life-partner!

Imagine having to remember yet another password! Is there an easier way to log-in to email accounts and even unlock the house or car? With the Nymi-band, all this is quite possible. This wrist band utilizes electrical activity from your body heat to seek your authentication. This device is definitely terrifying and intriguing at the same time.

Virtuix Omni VR
This cool gadget is a treadmill that also resembles a torture device. It is designed to let gamers run and walk while playing games. It is basically a body cage with a large and shallow space for walking, supported and surrounded by the arms which form a high ring around the user’s waist. Gamers can put on slip-on shoes with sensors while using this device.

Tao Exercise Chair
Want to lose weight without going to the gym? With the Tao Exercise Chair, users are required to sit and use their arms to pull, push and move with their arms and body core. This is the best gizmo for couch potatoes.

Glam Screen
Selfie technology will soon take over the world. There were several weird gizmos at the CES 2015 Expo centered on the selfie concept. Take the Glam Screen. On the surface, it is a screen protector that is attached to the phone’s screen. When the display comes on, the Glam Screen appears clear, but when it turns off, it converts into a mirror. You can quickly fix your face and take a selfie!
The 2015 CES Expo certainly had its fill of weird gadgets, but the ones mentioned above certainly ranked on top.