Car Chaos! Hilarious Dash Cam Catch.

Dash Cams are very common in Russia to help cut back on crime and corruption on the road. But more often than not, drivers in Russia catch idiot drivers and passengers doing what they do best- making us roll on the floor with laughter at their antics. In this video our driver is stopped at

Age of Machines- The Deka Prosthetic Arm

History was made May 9th 2014 when the US Federal Drug Administration approved the sale of the Deka Arm, a robotic prosthetic arm capable of ten distinct movements and controlled by electrical signals sent by an electromyogram connected to the muscles of the amputee. This device will change the lives of numerous amputees by transforming

Bebop- The First Person Drone That Can Hover On Autopilot.

The newest drone to the Parrot family is Bebop, a model that focuses on providing the pilot with a tripod quality video feed by utilizing handy tools like accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.  This technological wonder features a 14-megapixel fisheye HD video camera, GPS, and the ability to use Oculus Rift headset- which gives the pilot

Martian Hunters Want To Deploy Missiles To Locate Alien Life.

To date there is no proof of living organisms on Mars, but one group is working on hunting them down by firing military grade missiles packed with experimentation equipment into their planet. Explore Mars, a non-profit group based in Beverly Massachussets- has released the Exolance mission proposal. This mission would launch missiles at Mars. Explore

Cancer Screening- There’s an App for That.

An application called DermoScreen is being used to scan for unusual molecells which doctors may be missing, which will alert individuals to see a dermatologist because the program suspects they may have skin cancer. Suspicious moles are indicators of skin cancer- a concern that receives bolsters of attention each summer as people are reminded to

Spend like a Secret Agent

Have you ever seen a man in a perfectly tailored suit? The kind of suit that is perfect for him from color to cut? There’s always something that ruins a good suit- the wallet bulge. Australian menswear label M.J Bale, Heritage bank and Visa have come up with a solution- a suite with a Visa

Lego Open Platform Lets Users Dream Up Their Own Playsets.

Denmark-based Lego Company has taken its inventiveness to the next level by releasing new playsets that came into effect on May 1. The old system was phased out by the close of business on April 30 and Lego hopes that the new strategy will bring good tidings. The new era began with a re-launch of

The Stunning Architecture Of Wirra Willa

Located in Australian city of Somersby, Wirra Willa is a cool pavilion that sits on a piece of land measuring 80-acres. It is always looking good especially after being transformed from an orchard for citrus fruits. The key architect for the pavilion was Matthew Woodward and his good work ensured that this residence complemented well

Man Protected from Shark by Dolphins

It was total disbelief when Adam Walker, an experienced swimmer in open waters, was shielded from being swallowed by a shark. It is not fellow human beings who offered protection but it came from dolphins. A very rare scenario to have ever happened in the world unfolded in Cook Strait, New Zealand to the shock

K House- Sydney’s Scenic Building

By a mere casual look, K House might pass to be just an ordinary building to any person. However, this is one of the few buildings that stand tall at the heart of Sydney city in Australia. Its lovely structural design tells it all about what the city has to offer. The building is generally