What Love Does

Love is a very strange thing; you will know this if you have ever experienced it.  However, there are some things that people do in the name of love that are just too outrageous or just too extreme to think it love.  Take the story of Lesya Toumaniantz as an Example. This is Lesya, a

10 Scariest Before and After Pictures Showing How Drugs can Eat You Alive

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a human being is to lose the body while the spirit is alive and they are conscious.  Things like these are not uncommon today as people discover new ways to get high, try dangerously addictive drugs and turn a blind eye to all the warnings.

Amazing Biologically Inspired Aircraft Designs by Al Brady

If or when you watch the movie ‘Is This Heaven‘ directed by Bastiaan Koch, you will be blown away by the amazing out-of-this-world aircraft designs in it conceptualized by Al Brady.  Most sci-fi movies present all possible machine designs that we may or may never see in the future, but the art and creativity put

10 Amazing Facts About Your Dreams You Did Not Know

Dreaming is among the most mysterious yet so interesting experiences a human being experiences.  Dreams have been captivating people ever since the beginning of time and they have always been considered to be something supernatural but interpretation or explanations of dreams often vary.  For instance, did you know that dreams were considered futuristic visions from

Nature is Incredibly Beautiful; Look at These 20 Mind Blowing Natural Weather Phenomena

If you thought weather was either cold, warm, wet or dry, rainy or sunny or that nature has limits, you were wrong.  There are some amazing weather phenomena you probably didn’t know existed, and even if you did, you probably have never seen them this beautiful.  Here are some of the most amazing images captured

10 Animals You Should See Before They Go Extinct Forever

We, as humans, are always fascinated by the things we learn.  One of the most disappointing things our future generations will know us by is that we let some of the most beautiful forms of life just disappear from the face of the planet, and by disappear I mean extinction, not rarity like in the

12 Bizarre Body Art Paintings that Blend Perfectly with Nature

Look at these dazzling body art, created by painting a real person.  These images are not Photoshopped.

20 Powerful Moments Captured on Camera prove There’s Hope for Peace Despite Global Protests

People all over the world are demonstrating these days, mostly against their governments and leaders.  Most of these conflicts are often captured on camera, and the violence, the blood and the killings could easily make you believe there is no hope for a future for man.  Every once in a while, a momentous hopeful moment

15 of the Best Guilty Dog Mugs: #14 is Absolutely Hilarious

Most people never realize just how smart dogs are.  Because they evolved to live in packs, communication was essential for their survival and ultimately, becoming man’s best friend.  A dog can be trained to know what is wrong and what is right, and based on these perfectly timed photos, they know when they messed up