8 Dangerous Malware Threats Of 2013

Despite advancements in online security, millions of computers around the globe remain vulnerable to malware. The threat can damage computers in various forms – spyware, ransomware, Trojan horse, worm, virus, rootkit, adware and logic bomb. With the recent rise in BYOD enterprise and cross-platform deployment, the situation has ‘spiked’. This is because the threat used

The 10 Must Have Free iPhone Apps of 2013

With the new iPhone 5S and 5C released this week, we thought we’d run down some of the best extremely useful and innovative free apps. These applications sometimes get hidden under all the clutter of the paid apps, but now you don’t have to search endlessly for them – just read on.     10.

Can Humans Stop the Killer Robots?

When I first heard about “killer robots” I was pretty sure this was a hoax. But I quickly realized that this was serious  – and scary – stuff. As much as this seems like the beginning of an apocalyptic blockbuster, a quick Google search will reveal the truth. This is Real Life®. Get ready for the

Top 5 Automotive Gadgets Of 2013

Long-distance commuting can be tedious and not every car feature high-end navigation systems or infotainment services. However, you don’t have to feel restricted and monotonous in your ride as car gadgets can provide an alluring experience whenever you hit the road. As the connection between automotive and consumer electronics grows stronger, the gadgets are now

Reasons To Convert YouTube Videos Into MP3 Files

There are so many helpful and entertaining videos available on YouTube that you just can’t get enough of them. A report from Ubergizmo reveals that YouTube users upload 100 hours of video per minute. However, there’s no option to download videos from the platform. Even if you do manage to download them, devices that play

Which Server is Best for a Home and Which Server is Best for Your Business?

Today’s technologies make it possible for individuals to purchase and install servers to their home computers. and you could even turn a single computer into a server with multiple server software installs. On the other hand, small and mid- to large-sized sized businesses have a number of different options including tower, rack and blade servers.

UK events with international TV appeal

The monarchy is something that can still cause heated discussions but there’s no getting away from the fact that, for the rest of the world, the royals hold a large fascination. In many ways the royal family are one of the most well known images of Britain with the pomp and ceremony of the major

Budget Android Tablets Students Can Go for in 2013

Tablets have led to an increase in number of students taking online courses directly from their devices. E-learning has been transformed into tablet-learning as schools and universities are encouraging the use of these large display digital devices in classrooms. Instructions have been making use of flash toolkits and other authoring tools like Captivate Course 6

10 Indispensable Networking Apps

No matter how lavish the cases we slap on our phones, at their core they are still tools for getting things done. Networking with a conference hall full of people is  a lot less daunting when you don’t have to juggle 30 different business cards. Instead, try installing a few apps and coordinating meetups online.

Lean And Mean: The New 2014 Ford Fiesta ST

The 2014 Ford Fiesta promises to be the second coming of small cars to the United States. Throwing its hat in the ring with the ubiquitous Honda Fit and the stylish Fiat, the 2014 Ford Fiesta looks lean and mean. The release might just be the kick in the pants the small car market needs.