Logitech Unveil New “PowerCore” Mice


Logitech G903 and Powerplay

PowerCore Technology

With technological advancements taking the wireless direction, we expect to see less cables in our devices in the upcoming years. So, it is no surprise that Logitech has taken a step ahead to bring wireless technology to the next level. The popular tech company has unveiled their new computer mice at the recent Electronic Entertainment Exp. (You can find out more about this amazing exposition by clicking HERE.) We are talking about the G903 and G703 wireless computer mice.


These mice were designed taking PC gaming experience into account. The wireless precision of these mice is unprecedented, which intends to bring the precision and speed of the player into their game in an accurate way. However, these are more than just sharp wireless mice. These mice have the capability to take battery charge while they are being used! How is this possible? Logitech has developed the special mouse pad called the “PowerPlay”. This mouse pad creates an energy field that the special G903 and G703 mice are able to “soak up”.

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