Rub Your Fingers Together Over This Tiny Device To Hear The Sweet Sound Of A Violin

Nowadays, there is technological alternative for everything. We used to have to wash our clothes with our hands but now there are washing machines to do that for us. We used to have to pin them on lines to let them hang in the sun and dry, but now there are clothes. Need I provide any more examples? There are so many that we can think of as we use them on a daily basis. The innovative designers at the [Design I/O] have released a cool DIY project that will allow musicians to make music in the sound of a violin by simply rubbing their fingers together over a device. The device is dubbed as the world’s tiniest violin.

tiny violin 1

The device utilizes purpose-built interaction sensor called Google Soli. The technology tracks the motion of a human’s hand using a radar. Although the Google Soli was meant to be used applications such as next-gen wearables and objection recognition, [Design I/O] added another purpose to its list by using in making the musical device.

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