10 “She-Sheds” That Are Perfect Female Alternative For Man Caves

The man of the household always tends to have their own space. Whether they want to call it their “study”, “chillroom” or “Man Cave”, this room tend to be the place that you can find them when they go missing. Men should however be the only ones that get their own place to dwell and relax. Women should perhaps have their own “She-Shed”, an alternative place to relax.

Just in case you’re a woman or a man planning to create one of these for his lady, a “She-Shed” is no new idea and there are tons of beautiful ones that you can get your inspiration from. The place can be used as a reading area, a craft room or even a miniature yoga studio, for example. Here are some pictures of beautiful she-sheds that were made to serve as inspirations for your design.




she-shed 1.2

she-shed 1

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